Larry Returns!


One of our favourite contributors is back. The infamous Larry “Sludge” Hammer.

We should listen well to his comment … the man knows his sludge.

Here’s Larry:


New Edinburgh thinks if they whine loud enough and long enough then the city will make this someone else’s problem.

The fact is the tunnel muck needs to come out somewhere and this is the best engineering solution. Decision by committee or plebiscite isn’t how things work; City officials decide things on city projects – a concept that escapes the grasp of Mr. Bulldog and his gang of curmudgeons.

Sludge is coming through New Edinburgh folks, get used to it.



To which your agent responded:


Mr. Bulldog. Such respect. I’m touched.

Good to have you back.

Do you read these things? It probably does need to go through New Edinburgh.

The idea is to talk to people and explain why. Then maybe residents can find ways to mitigate problems with the project through construction.

Talking to people was never your forte. Telling them what to do was more your style … or worse.

Residents know their community better than the tall foreheads on Laurier Avenue … maybe even better than you (sorry, that’s probably not possible).

And oh my, isn’t your forehead very tall. It goes all the way to the back of your head.

Keep it well-buffed, fellow curmudgeon.

Hope the weather in Florida is nice. Usually is this time of year … predictable … like you.

Keep it real, Sludgie.





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8 thoughts on “Larry Returns!

  1. First, I am part of no ‘gang’.
    Curmudgeon: a surly, ill-mannered, bad-tempered person; cantankerous fellow.
    Nope, am mostly a very happy person.

  2. Oh, Mr. Bulldog,
    From your comment, will leave it to you and Larry to decide who is further ahead. Seems you both have healthy egos. :)

    1. Mr. Fed-Up:

      I have to admit I enjoy the back-and-forth with Larry.

      I hope he continues to contribute in a healthy way.

      That said, I think Larry’s ego is much healthier than mine.

      Have a good Sunday Mr. Fed-Up and you too Mr. Larry.



      1. Mr. Gray,
        Believe I know who you mean when writing about Larry, but it is a guess on my part.
        Twice now you have mentioned Larry when replying to me. The first time, I found it odd.
        This time, am wondering why — seems there is something I am missing?


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