Las Vegas Looks At Light Rail For The Strip



Las Vegas is looking at building light rail from the airport to the famous Strip.

Clues from this story make it look as though the line is going down the surface of the street (pedestrian bridges) and one doubts there will be two transfers to the strip from the airport. After all, this would be the first line:

State and local government officials presented a legislative plan Tuesday laying the groundwork to build

Video above: Las Vegas considers light rail to complement its monorail system.

multi-billion-dollar light rail system to link McCarran International Airport with the Las Vegas Strip.

For two years, members of the Regional Transportation Commission of Southern Nevada have been drawing blueprints for the light rail and makeovers such as pedestrian bridges or wider sidewalks on the Strip. They’re also considering high-capacity transit options to connect residential neighborhoods, college campuses, Sunrise Hospital and shopping hubs.

But they need the state’s permission to fund or implement any plans.

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2 thoughts on “Las Vegas Looks At Light Rail For The Strip

  1. Ken,
    The first time I read about Vegas looking at LRT was back in early 2000’s after their monorail company filed for bankruptcy.
    Light rail does seem to take forever to move from talking stage to construction.

    Here’s a site I visit now and again, it is quite interesting. It even has had pieces about Ottawa many times.

    Your headline sent me back to remember my weekend junket trips to the Strip. Those are memories; however, they have nothing to do with LRT.


  2. They will have even more need for it with their new hockey team and the pending arrival of the Oakland Raiders (NFL). With both of those teams their numbers will drastically increase.

    Anne Marie


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