Laurier Cycling Accident: Where’s The Report?



Here is the dramatic footage of a man on a bike in downtown Ottawa struck by a car on Saturday.

The video was taken by a dash cam on the car beside the vehicle that came into collision with the cyclist.

The video shows the cyclist running a red light which was followed by the accident which occurred at Laurier Avenue West and Lyon Avenue.

Despite saying it would release a safety report on the Laurier Avenue cycling lanes in the spring, the city has yet to make it public despite the document being commissioned in fall of 2016 by Mayor Jim Watson.

The rider of the bike travelling on Laurier, despite the spectacular collision, appeared to by unhurt in the incident.

Video above: This is the dash cam video of the incident. Please note there is coarse language in the video.

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3 thoughts on “Laurier Cycling Accident: Where’s The Report?

  1. I witness almost daily countless idiot cyclists going through stops and red lights. It appears that the traffic rules don’t apply to them. No matter how safe roads are made, no one can force common sense on many of these moron cyclists.

  2. Why right through a red light and at a rapid pace.

    Did this rider, who is reported as being from Quebec, under the impression that the bike paths give him the complete right of way? Have the facts that rules of the road apply been advertised (though they should not have to be)? Why no helmet, if he wants to be a safe cyclist? A lucky fool.

    Finally, yes Ken … where is the darn report?

    Anne Marie


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