Leadership? What Leadership, Jan Harder? Whopper Watch



“If you don’t want to play a leadership role in the city, then don’t show up here. Don’t come into this space because this is where the leaders of Ottawa are.”

Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder


Well they don’t come much richer than this one.

Councillor you’re making writing The Bulldog too easy … way too easy.

Apparently Osgoode Councillor George Darouze didn’t vote for the storm-water fee increase at council so Harder got her typical mad.

Let me see, let’s think of some leadership shown by Ottawa City Council.

Well there was that attempt to cut snow-plowing standards around the Canada Day weekend and just after the visit of former U.S. president Barack Obama. Nothing like steamrollering something like that on the hottest weekend of the year with the town distracted by Obamania and holidays. Well led.

Light rail? Surely something is there. Oh yes spending an extra $3.2 billion on light rail so myopic staffers can rebuild perfectly acceptable Transitway stations for LRT, so they can win awards and build monuments to themselves. The Mercedes of light-projects brought to you by the over-burdened taxpayers of Ottawa.

Ah … leadership … of course. Mayor Jim Watson travelling to Seattle to Amazon to sweet-talk the Amazonians into coming to Ottawa with their $5-billion, 50,000-employee second headquarters without light rail to Kanata or three  transit transfers to the aforementioned Kanata by bus and train. No doubt topnotch Amazon employees are coming to Ottawa to ride the bus.

Or Watson showing such skilled leadership that he took a Double-A Blue Jays affiliated farm team in the bag and turned it into a beer league club that can’t draw flies even with all the spilled suds at the city-owned ballpark. There’s a take-charge guy.

But your agent’s favourite example of leadership is that quite a number of the members of planning committee (which Harder chairs) and city council taking campaign funds from developers then adjudicate over the same developers’ projects. What could go wrong?

If the development community, council and staff get any closer they aren’t going to have to rent a room but an entire suite of suites at the Bun and Run Motel out Highway 417 way.

That will be more rooms used at the Bun and Run than were occupied by visitors to Ottawa 2017. Certainly a boost for the local hotel and sheet-laundering industries.

Leadership? Councillor? Really?



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11 thoughts on “Leadership? What Leadership, Jan Harder? Whopper Watch

  1. Ken,

    Why do you look so far into the past for your examples of poor leadership. Isn’t it the job of Councillors to think of the present? Vision is for astronomers.


    1. Kosmo,
      I’m not sure I understand your comment.
      Are you suggesting that past blunders, that continue a pattern to current blunders, should be ignored?
      Poor leadership last year plus poor leadership last month plus poor leadership yesterday plus poor leadership today may just point towards a pattern.


      1. Chaz:

        Should have indicated my response was a little bit on the sarcastic side. My point was when Jan Harder and some of the other councillors follow like mules. No one on council says a word but when you don’t follow me, well we hear about it.


        1. Kosmo,

          Humour, satire, sarcasm, tongue-in-cheek — these are easily interpreted in oral communication but not so easily in written.

          I said it yesterday or the day before — A Don Rickles routine could never work in writing.

          I am going to stick with my :)

          I will use it when I am “attempting” to use wit, humour, tongue-in-cheek or comedy. Attempting to get a laugh or a wry smile can be easy face-to-face but not so easy on the keyboard,


  2. Was this a Jan Harder inspired fit of pique, or was it orchestrated to isolate a councillor who has decided not to vote as instructed?


    1. Ron:

      It’s not very classy. Harder did the same thing to Jeff Leiper recently.

      This council, but for a few members, doesn’t lead, it follows. If these are the leaders of Ottawa, we’re in a lot of trouble.

      Ottawa’s citizenry is much greater than its representation.

      If Ottawans cared more about their municipality, we could say they are getting short-changed from their so-called leaders. But because of Ottawans’ apathy, they are pretty much getting what they deserve.




  3. Jan Harder confuses leadership with bullying. She is routinely rude towards her fellow councillors and towards members of the public who dare say anything that does not agree with her prejudices.


    1. EajD,
      So when Ken brings up the past, he is most certainly shining a bright light on a pattern.
      Keep shining that light and maybe one day people will sit up and take notice.


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