Leiper Can’t Get LRT Right: Whopper Watch



“In a few years, light rail will extend deep into the west and east ends, complementing an extended and improved O-Train. Passengers coming from Orleans and Kanata and the south end will be able to disembark directly into the market.”

Kitchissippi Councillor Jeff Leiper



By 2023 (that’s “in a few years”), light rail goes as far west as Moodie Drive and unless you’re reading the Councillor Allan Hubley Atlas of Ottawa, Moodie Drive is not part of Kanata … not even close.

And further to that, for the whopping total of $6 billion for the first two phases, it is an outrage that LRT is not extending to Barrhaven and Kanata.

It appears Leiper has an accuracy problem.


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4 thoughts on “Leiper Can’t Get LRT Right: Whopper Watch

  1. Ken,
    Perhaps your assessment is incorrect? Do you hold an M.A.F.? 2033 might be considered a few years away and the borders may shift at the speaker’s whim.
    You and I have fallen behind the times.
    I, for one, have not gone back to university to upgrade my degree.
    I did do some research into the course requirements but I determined that getting my M.A.F. would be too much work.
    I will leave the assessment of statements to those that have completed their Master of Alternate Facts degree.

  2. I suppose, technically, someone coming from Kanata could get off the train on Rideau Street. They would have taken the first part of their trip on a bus though.
    In the same sense, I’ll be able to come from Montreal and get off the LRT in the Market. I’ll just take the first part of my trip on a VIA train to the Ottawa station and then the LRT from there downtown. So two trains instead of a bus and a train. Isn’t that exactly the same process as taking the O-Train from Greenboro to Bayview and catching the LRT from there to the Market?
    I could even come from Paris directly to the Market by flying to Dorval, taking VIA to Ottawa station and the LRT to the Market.
    What people are forgetting is that, even when the LRT goes as far into Kanata or Orleans as it ever will, most of its passengers will have had to take a bus or other means of transport to get from home to the LRT station. The majority of Ottawa’s population doesn’t and will never live within walking distance of any of the LRT stations and will just be adding a train trip to cover part of the bus trip that now gets them where they need to go.

    1. Obviously, the ultimate plan is to build several 50-storey condos at each end and then the entire city population will have LRT entrances available within steps of the elevator.

    2. First item purchased out of ‘office budgets’ should be a paper map (yes, so 2016).
      The majority of Ottawa residents will be very surprised when they see the LRT is a glorified streetcar. The photos still show no wires.


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