Leiper Has His Riley Brockington Moment


Some councillors escape it, others don’t.


You’ll notice that veteran councillors rarely get caught in big issues on the wrong side.

But the classic was River ward’s Riley Brockington rookie councillor who approved a playground to Mooney’s Bay Park before consulting with his constituents. What he discovered very quickly was his constituents didn’t like the park, not being consulted, not being able to change the decision and finally not Riley himself.

A video showed Brockington at a belated public consultation in the back of the room letting staffers take the brunt of the criticism that night.

Why even Mayor Jim Watson threw him under the bus by saying Brockington could have held a consultation before the decision was made. Brockington discovered how quickly political friends disappear.

Now Kitchissippi’s Jeff Leiper has caught himself on the wrong side of the Spencer Avenue bike-lane decision and he is back-pedalling furiously to extricate himself.

Brockington after the playground fiasco looks just about impossible to re-elect.

It will be interesting if Leiper can extract himself from this mess but even a small decline in popularity in Kitchissippi can spell doom because the elections there are tight and hotly contested.



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13 thoughts on “Leiper Has His Riley Brockington Moment

  1. One or two councilors replaced is a good start but with whom? Quality is what is needed much more than quantity The professional jobs held by long-term politicians are what need to be changed and term lengths need and should be discussed.

  2. I’m a bit confused. You (and others) criticized Leiper for a position he was taking. He listened to that criticism and has stepped away from the idea he was putting forward. Now the criticism is that he’s trying to back away from his original position which, I thought, was what you wanted him to do.
    I would have thought that any politician in this city actually listening to and responding to his constituents would be cause to celebrate.

    1. The voter,
      I don’t think he is being criticized for changing his mind. Changing his mind in the face of information gathered is, indeed, a good thing.
      I think the fine line is that he had a position that needed reversing. A position he would not have had to change IF he had done his homework prior to having the original position.

      1. Chaz:

        Leiper is over-enthusiastic about biking. He wants to spend more city resources on winter biking … which is not popular. All the main east-west roads in the community would have bike paths. That’s overkill.


        1. Ken,
          I don’t want to come across as being too sensitive or as being too politically correct but maybe using overkill in context with bike lanes is — you know …

          Excessive sounds, perhaps, more in- line with the sensibilities of the current overly sensitive nature of modern sensitive types.

          Chaz :) no offense intended

  3. Slightly off topic but have we ever seen whether the Sinking Ship people ever paid their share of the Mooney’s Bay playground costs? My suspicion is they didn’t since the city hasn’t been broadcasting that all the naysayers were wrong. But then maybe I’m just cynical.


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