Let’s Make Ontario Less Than Average Again


With Doug Ford now officially the Progressive Conservative candidate for Ontario premier (and what could go wrong there?), your agent is reminded of a trip to the Civic Hospital campus for some ailment or other a number of years ago.

The doctor who was treating me gave me what he called: “A Mike Harris towel.” That was because you only got one, he said.

With an aging population, I fear for health care at the best of times let alone with a penny-pincher a la Mike Harris as premier. We will not confuse Ford with John Kennedy.

Ford steadfastly supported his brother Rob who was probably the most pathetic political leader I’ve ever seen. Rob made a mockery of Toronto and Canada with his appearances on U.S. late-night talk shows. And what was it exactly Doug did about Rob’s bad habits? Did he not know of them? He wants us to support him after that.

How incredibly bankrupt are the world’s leaders today? We may discover this with Ontario Premier Doug Ford.

Am I my brother’s keeper? Yes you are.

How did you handle that, Doug?

Ford is a bunch of catch-phrases without a coherent policy. Much like his political brother Donald Trump.

“Lock her up.” “Drain the swamp.” Words. PR. No real policy.

Ontario treads a terrible path if it elects Doug Ford as premier.


Is this who you want for premier?


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4 thoughts on “Let’s Make Ontario Less Than Average Again

  1. I don’t think we have to worry about PC leader Doug Ford being elected, Ken.

    The Red Tories in the party aren’t going anywhere near him. Polling before the vote showed him as the least likely to win over moderate support and for some reason the party chose the least electable person on the ballot for the third time running. The first thing in my head when I heard about the Ford win was, “Another term for Wynne.”

    Being stuck in a riding that never saw a Conservative it liked (Ottawa Centre), I’m faced with voting NDP to try and get Wynne out, or doing what I’ve never done before and declining my ballot. Not sure yet how I’m going to handle it but voting for #fordnation isn’t going to happen.

  2. Hi Ken:

    I would have to strongly disagree with you on this one, I actually admire someone who would stick up for his brother when as we all know really need his help or anyone help most of the times. The love for his brother may have showed bad judgment but admirable loyalty too me.

    Also did the doctor also blame your average 10 – 12 hour wait in emergency on Mike Harris? Or was that just referred to the “Liberal Wait”

  3. I am not sure I agree with your headline. Ontario is already less than average. We are no longer a “have” province, having slid into the “have-not” side of the equalization equation a few years ago. We no longer are the economic engine of Canada, and have not held that status for more than a decade.

    With the selection of Doug Ford as leader of the Ontario PC’s, I think the challenge will be how do we make Ontario average again.


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