Liberal Gets The Nod In Orleans: Endorsement


Orleans riding is in the suburban east end. The suburbs often go Progressive Conservative but you throw in the large French-Canadian demographic and the Liberals become a factor because of the close affinity between the two.

NDP candidate Barbara Zarboni has worked for banks and other financial institutions. She has been on the executive of the local Scouts and on a parent advisory council at a local elementary school. Zarboni’s biography says she is a strong child-care advocate.

Zarboni’s resume is a tad light compared to the two other major candidates but if you have trouble stomaching the Liberals or PCs, she’s a viable choice.

Cameron Montgomery of the PCs sports an impressive background. Montgomery has a PhD in educational psychology as well as being an education professor for more than a decade and a half. He has been involved in mental-health research at the Montfort Hospital and has been on a board with the Learning Disabilities Association of Ontario. Were his leader not Doug Ford, with his two-sentence platform planks, Trump-esque appeal and a woefully uncosted platform, Montgomery would be a viable candidate. It’s hard to image Ford plowing money into education and mental health over the next four years.

Liberal Marie France Lalonde is a perfectly good candidate despite being led by a failing Premier Kathleen Wynne. She has a social work degree and has been active in the Children’s Aid Society, CHEO, and the Ottawa Hospital. Lalonde has also been a co-owner of the senior’s care facility.

Lalonde is in cabinet with two portfolios: Francophone affairs plus community safety and correctional services.

Montgomery and Lalonde are both good candidates. Smart, accomplished as well as community and provincial leaders.

But as one Bulldog commenter rightly said, Ford is eliminating the possibility of endorsing Conservatives for your agent. Had the Tories elected an even adequate leader, they would be the logical alternative to the over-spending and accounting-challenged Liberal government. But they do not.

The Bulldog in all good conscience cannot endorse a Ford Conservative in Orleans. Meanwhile the NDP candidate is not of the same calibre as the two other major party representatives.

The Bulldog grudgingly endorses Marie France Lalonde and wishes both the Tories and Grits had better leadership.


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4 thoughts on “Liberal Gets The Nod In Orleans: Endorsement

  1. I can only hope that many voters use the logic of your editorial.

    Of course, any right of the right will disagree but I hope that all left, centre-left and even far-left come together this time around. Maybe, even, the centre-rights can be awakened.
    While I would prefer a coalition that was Liberal-NDP, I’ll take one that calls itself NDP-Liberal, too.
    The train wreck that calls itself the Ford nation must be seen for what it is. Just sound-bites, bumper-stickers and hollow slogans. (hey, I guess that is three things they do have – but they have nothing else).


  2. Ken. I can’t help but notice that you have been endorsing a lot of Liberal candidates “despite being led by a failing Premier Kathleen Wynne”. At this rate, with all her gamesmanship and your support, we’re going to be “stuck with” a Liberal majority for another 4 years. Like Doug Ford or not, the devil we know has to move on.

  3. Unfortunately, Ken. The choices we have for leadership from the three major parties in this province all leave a lot to be desired. If it’s comforting, I have no intention of voting for my local PC rep on Thursday. I’m really looking forward to Thursday coming and going so I don’t have to watch the negative TV ads any longer. At least when the municipal election heats up I won’t have to put up with the talking heads in my living room.


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