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Frequent Bulldog contributor Chaz tells Ottawa City Council how to get out of the fiscal mess it is in:

At this point, the mayor hasn’t been informed where the money will come from.

Sometime back I posted a list on The Bulldog of what needs to be done. The first thing was a review of the overseer class at city hall.

City manager Steve Kanellakos has shown that he is willing to start at the top. He should next be letting things settle in a bit and all the while be looking for the next steps. There should be a department-by-department review that looks for further staffing cuts. I’d guess another 800 plus can go.

Then there is the elimination of the fluff. I believe that Kanellakos will know what that means.

Tell your councillors that getting the house in order is important. Hopefully , Kanellakos will stay the course and your council won’t chicken out. If they heed the advice of the new city manager, the city might come back on course and Kanellakos will tell them how to pay for a $10-per-week pass for low-income families.

Let the man do his job, hope that council listens and maybe the ship will float again. And, oh yes, he’ll tell council how they can pay for it. All they need do is have the guts to follow through.



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5 thoughts on “Listen To Kanellakos: Reader

  1. Will Council listen to him? Aye, there’s the rub.

    Watson and a number of his council cronies aren’t known for taking advice from anyone but themselves. Kanellakos will have to be very hard-nosed to stand up to the orthodoxy currently in place at city hall. Does Watson listen to him at all?

    I would be interested to know what was said in his job interview that gave him the assurance to take the job in the face of the mess he knew he was walking into. We know that he wanted to come back to Ottawa but that he didn’t need to. My money is on him having set down some conditions on that return. They went after him, not the other way around, which would give him the upper hand in negotiating the deal.

  2. I just finished reading an article on the Bulldog Canadian about Sarnia.

    It talks about what is proper interaction between elected officials and employees. One thing I needed to deal with when I worked for a government was telling the elected to never give one of my staff an order or directive or complain directly to an employee about performance.

    While the previous guy may have allowed that, I would not. I served at the pleasure of council but I had to live with what pleased them versus my own judgment too. I left when I saw far too much back-scratching and favour for favour being the norm among the pols.

  3. Here is a question from a bean counter – How much do you, the taxpayer, contribute via your tax money to the running of the curling club, the golf club, the Royal Canadian Legion, etc.?

    Why do you then fund a pool or ice rink?

    Need versus want?

    Your city manager will need to get the politicians to look at votes versus need. It is the political ambitions of individuals that too often gets the wrong things funded.


  4. Here is why you get the governance you deserve rather than the one that is best :

    Last Ottawa Municipal Election results –

    For Mayor
    Eligible voters 632385
    votes cast 252464 (39.9% of eligible voters)
    Watson 189253 (29.9% of eligible voters)

    If you don’t vote you get what you get – shame on those that don’t participate in the democratic process.

    1. So just remember, a politician, that should be acting as a trustee for the good of every citizen is really only catering to the good of those few that actually vote.


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