Local Food Firm Eyes Ottawa



This press release was sent along to The Bulldog from a company that is promoting the local food movement:

Hi Ken,

It’s no secret, consumers’ appetites for fresh local food has sharpened and in turn, wholesalers and retailers are turning away from imported foods and seeking produce closer to home.

Despite the increased demand for farmers’ and micro-produced crops, distribution and logistical challenges have prevented Ontario farmers from entering the commercial market, forcing buyers to pay high prices for imported items. In fact, food items sold in Southern Ontario are estimated to have travelled an average of 4.500 km.

Video above: A snapshot of the local food movement.

Barrie-based start-up, FreshSpoke is tackling the problem head on by revolutionizing the food distribution process. The innovative peer-to-peer delivery app puts food producers on the map… literally! FreshSpoke provides an easy mobile sales and delivery system designed around sourcing, ordering and delivering local food products.

Whether a single vehicle or an entire fleet, FreshSpoke gives drivers (including producers with extra capacity) the opportunity to earn additional money through on demand local food delivery. This powerful distribution channel enables buyers to purchase directly from producers at a fair price.

FreshSpoke is currently serving the Greater Golden Horseshoe region with plans to rollout throughout the remainder of Ontario and then the rest of Canada.

Ontario farmers and micro-producers are now in the game with the new marketplace platform connecting producers and buyers. FreshSpoke puts the power of choice and convenience into the palm of your hand.


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3 thoughts on “Local Food Firm Eyes Ottawa

  1. Buying local is a great concept. I do it all summer. Little bit of trouble finding locally grown pineapples though.

    Oh yes, I do like getting my bagels shipped in from New York and I have my egg rolls flown in from Ottawa too.


    1. You can grow your own pineapples – just cut the top inch off the fruit leaving the upper leaves intact; let it dry out and remove the fruit and the first couple of leaves keeping the stem intact; put it in water until the roots are established; plant it and wait for your new pineapple to grow. Be patient – it takes a year or more. Then you repeat the process.

  2. I sure hope these folks are willing to support the existing actors in the local food movement with their technology… Ottawa already has many existing distribution channels for local food, hitting local markets at fair prices.


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