Long-Term-Care Abuse: Whopper Watch



“Where less drastic measures have failed … the city may, as a last resort, restrict access or bar an individual from entering on its premises.”

Janice Burelle, City of Ottawa general manager of community and social services


Two Ottawa ex-nurses complained about the filthy conditions in which their mothers were forced to live.

The city restricts their visiting privileges in response. Meanwhile the province authenticates the nurses’ claims.

A camera used by one nurse to monitor her mother’s care has workers mouthing the worst of obscenities on it.

A worker repeatedly beats an elderly person with dementia.

Obviously, Ms. Burelle doesn’t get it.

If conditions don’t improve in City of Ottawa long-term-care homes, perhaps it’s time for city manager Steve Kanellakos to start firing people.

Perhaps that is what it will take to focus some city employees’ minds.


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6 thoughts on “Long-Term-Care Abuse: Whopper Watch

  1. Ken,
    Shameful and scandalous to see how senior citizens are being treated. Can’t help but think these are not isolated incidents. Seems more like the norm. So much for protecting the most vulnerable in our City. An investigation should take place.

    1. Pierre:

      An investigation should take place … but it won’t.

      Ken Hughes won’t undertake it because it is not good news.

      And Jim Watson won’t start it for the same reason.

      Politics over people.

      cheers and thx


  2. Who’s responsible for licensing and inspecting these long term care homes? If it’s the City, isn’t that a conflict of interest if they also own and operate them? The province should be stepping in to deal with this quickly.
    Before people are barred from visiting their relatives, there has to be some kind of accountable appeal system. It’s not like they have any choice about leaving their family member there and at the mercy of who-knows-what. Except that those of us who’ve seen the video of the man with dementia being beaten by a city staff person, who was fully aware he was being filmed, DO know there’s something fishy going on there.

  3. Which is why I support Dying With Dignity. Personal choice at the end of life. Personal autonomy. Don’t rely on overworked and underpaid staff, who seem to have zero empathy and much anger.


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