Look Kanata Squeeters, Get Outta Town By Sunrise


This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

To control nuisance mosquito growth in Kanata North and the surrounding areas, larvicide will be applied throughout the summer, beginning with ground applications on April 21, and ending September 15.

The Kanata North Nuisance Mosquito Control Program deals with treating mosquito larvae in wetlands so they won’t hatch. No part of the program involves killing live mosquitoes.

Contractors, hired by the City of Ottawa, will do daily ground applications of a liquid larvicide in selected areas throughout the program. The application of granular larvicides through the air, by helicopter, is expected to take place sometime in the next two weeks.

The program will use Bti, (Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis) and Bs (Bacillus Sphaericus), which are naturally-occurring bacteria, that is dropped directly into the water where the larvae are found. Feeding larvae draw it in with the water, which stops them from becoming adult mosquitoes.

The Health Canada Regulatory Agency states that Bti and Bs have no effect on humans, birds, fish, animals or other insects.

Quality control includes weekly nuisance tests at five sites. There will also be post-treatment larva surveillance and extra applications of larvicide, if needed.

The treatment area map and program details can be found on ottawa.ca. For further information about the larvicide application, contact GDG Environment at INFO@GDG.CA, or call, toll free: 1-877-227-0552.



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One thought on “Look Kanata Squeeters, Get Outta Town By Sunrise

  1. When I hear about these perfectly safe pest control treatments my mind goes back to the perfectly safe DDT, Agent Orange and Cloradine.


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