LRT Info Was Available But Not Given To Council

It has come to light that city staff and the mayor knew that light rail would be late but did not disclose that for budget deliberations.

That’s not new.

Now council wants monthly reports on the progress of Rideau Transit Group on the LRT project. That’s not new either.

In fact, someone familiar with the project says RTG has been providing weekly updates for some time to staff so there is no excuse for withholding LRT information from the public and city council.

Furthermore, isn’t it curious that after the project was declared late, then suddenly council wants monthly reports. Like closing the barn door after the horses have left.

One wonders how many councillors would have read monthly reports had they been available. In fact, one wonders how many councillors will read the new monthly reports. This is not the most engaged group of people.

Only a few councillors read these tomes and it shows.

Former Bay councillor Alex Cullen used to be in his office at 2 a.m. pouring over reports to find flaws and to be ready to ask tough questions of staff.

Don’t see much of that now. Many councillors are taking the lazy way out.


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4 thoughts on “LRT Info Was Available But Not Given To Council

  1. Does lazy equate to ineptitude? A simple question to ask oneself when considering for whom to vote. Does crafty equate to misleading council and the public. Questions to ask yourself when you next elect a mayor.


  2. Many of my comments are directed towards city council and the mayor but in this case the comment “only a few councillors read these tomes” reminds me that city staff need to work more effectively.
    While it’s nice that Alex Cullen stayed up ’til 2 AM to read through report after report, was it really necessary? While I’ve never been responsible for battling my way through one of these documents, I do remember seeing a copy of the city budget a few years ago. When placed on a table it was about eight inches high.
    Does anyone really believe that councillors read every page of every document that lands on their desk? I hope city staff are trained in writing concise and meaningful executive summaries. As a co-worker said many years ago “Less is more”.


  3. Clarity of communication is an art form.
    The first decision is what you want to communicate. A secondary decision may involve identifying what do you not want to communicate. Some people focus on the latter, rather than the former, but that is at their own peril.
    I recall the following statement being made by Andy Fastow, the disgraced CFO of Enron. “The objective of public financial reporting is to disclose everything, while revealing nothing.” Fastow was invited to spend 10 years in a low rent federal U.S. facility, but let’s not get caught up in the details.


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