LRT Project Catches Another Break


The Ottawa light-rail project must be one of the luckiest major construction jobs in eastern Ontario history.

Two major sinkholes, one small one, a flooded tunnel and now a crane topples over at the eastern entrance of the tunnel.

How no one has been hurt is beyond belief. We can only hope that these accidents are not occurring because the project is behind schedule and the project is being rushed to completion.

This project must be made safe. There is no need to elaborate on why.



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10 thoughts on “LRT Project Catches Another Break

  1. Watson’s claiming this is one of the safest major construction projects in Ontario. Should we be rejoicing that most other communities with large projects are worse-off than Ottawa? Where’s his evidence for that statement? The sinkholes made the news around the world – where are the stories about all the projects that have worse records than LRT does?
    It would be interesting to poll bus riders to find out their confidence level in the LRT. How many are looking forward to travelling through the tunnel? How many are going out to buy a car this weekend?

    1. You know what hasn’t made news around the world?

      Serious injury and even fatal accidents on other major Canadian civil works.

      This OMG dangerous LRT nonsense is typical Ottawa.

    2. Tens of millions of people travel through tunnels around the world every day. Do you have any evidence that travelling through the Ottawa LRT tunnel will be unsafe?

      1. Dave,
        People are questioning the accountability or lack thereof on the project in general. From sinkholes to toppling cranes to rescuing workers, the optics haven’t been all that great.

        Is the tunnel going to collapse after the train is up and running? Probably not.

        Will the project be finished on time and on budget? Probably not.

        Is Ottawa getting the biggest bang for the bucks being spent on this tiny little stretch of choo-choo train track? Probably not.

        And some of the woes have been reported in the Toronto Star, on TV news and in trade publications; so the project is of interest to people other than Ottawans.


      2. Dave,
        I’m looking for evidence that travelling in the tunnel will be safe. That’s the standard I use when assessing if a mode of travel is what I want to use.
        As Chaz says, the tunnel probably isn’t going to collapse on my head but the series of incidents are undermining people’s confidence in the system and its reliability.

  2. Once “finished” and in revenue service at some undetermined time. How safe will LRT be? Can hardly wait for the first briefcase or lunch bag to be left in a downtown station.

    1. “Can hardly wait for the first briefcase or lunch bag to be left in a downtown station.”

      Why is this any more dangerous than when the cops over-react to an empty box on Sparks Street?

      This says absolutely nothing about the safety of a tunnel.

  3. “No one has been hurt” — this is repeated along with “lucky nobody killed”. Yesterday’s accident left me thinking that we really do not know what type of short- and long-term health problems are being felt by the workers.


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