LRT Shot: The Tweet That Launched A Thousand Nothings

This is the kind of Tweet that drives me nuts.

Blows you off in two sentences. Didn’t even use 140 characters.

This is the depth of discussion on Twitter and Facebook. Someone writes something that he or she hopes is useful but not on Twitter and then discovers in two short sentences, they are wrong.

Does this mean Michael that you can’t compare things that aren’t identical? And if they are identical, what’s to compare?

This pretty much eliminates much of the discussion of public policy. But then Twitter and Facebook might well have already done that. Reminds one of the depth of discussion on #ottbike as in:


Gray is an idiot.

You’re right.

I agree.

He’s anti-bike.

That’s correct.

That’s very perceptive of you.

What does ‘perceptive’ mean?

Gray disagreed with us.

How can he do that when we are right?

I agree.

Right on.

Damn straight.




To see how wrong your agent is on the post Gatineau Shows Ottawa LRT Is Moronic, click here. The tweet mentioned above is below:



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10 thoughts on “LRT Shot: The Tweet That Launched A Thousand Nothings

  1. Mielke doesn’t see a similarity between two mass transit systems using a train to move people from point A to point B?
    Oh, how silly of me. I see the different needs now – some people live in Gatineau and need to get to work in Kanata while others live in Kanata and need to get to work in Gatineau. So totally different needs.


  2. Ken. The problem with twitter, as with much of the technology available at our fingertips, is that many people use it without thinking. It is part of the ready-fire-aim approach that has crept into our society.


    1. sisco, I don’t see any problem with Twitter. Twitter is not designed to communicate anything of actual importance. That its users fail to understand this merely underlines the first syllable in its name.


  3. I don’t use Twitter, Facebook or a cellphone – so there.

    Let me try one.
    Kennedy and Khrushchev:
    Kennedy – stop
    Khrushchev – stop what?
    Kennedy – U move missiles now
    Khrushchev – no
    Kennedy – U better
    Khrushchev – you suck
    Kennedy – sad, see U in hell
    Khrushchev – ain’t no hell, me atheist
    Kennedy – covfefe
    Hey, I think I’m gonna git me one of them twitters. That was fun.



  4. When I read the Twitter/Facebook exchange in the column, what came to mind was a conversation between eight year olds, talking about some wannabe celebrity. Vacuous would be the upgrade position on that “conversation”.


      1. Ken, I can’t tell who is saying what in that string of characters. Were you the one who started the string, or the one who asks what ‘perceptive’ means?


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