Lying, Covering-Up Are Firing Offences


Some people have wondered what happened for The Bulldog website to call for the firing on Wednesday of people who approved the original design of the Hazeldean bridge.

As we know upon construction, the Hazeldean bridge could not support its own weight and sagged accordingly.

That’s a serious mistake concerning the both taxpayer money and resident safety. In the private sector where I worked, a big mistake can cause a dismissal … but usually only after repeated mistakes.

If a reporter made a mistake in a story, it was very important to print a correction as soon as possible because that would likely mitigate damages if a lawsuit occurred. So if a reporter failed to bring an error to the attention of an editor, that is a very serious omission. Furthermore obviously, the paper wants to be as accurate as possible.

If the reporter does not bring the mistake to the attention of management and knows about the error, that’s a very serious offence. Your agent usually had one or two correctable mistakes a year.

To ignore the mistake would be a cover-up.

In the Hazeldean incident, some city employee or employees denied that a report existed reviewing the very serious mistakes at the bridge. That’s lying and covering up.

In my experience as a manager in the private sector, the first honest mistake would probably not be a firing offence (unless it happened repeatedly over time or was extremely serious such as in the Hazeldean incident).

But the cover-up and lying about the mistake is a guaranteed trip out the door. That shows the person or persons cannot be trusted. You can’t have people like that working in an organization where honesty is an imperative.

It will be interesting to see how Mayor Jim Watson deals with this situation or doesn’t deal with it at all.

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4 thoughts on “Lying, Covering-Up Are Firing Offences

  1. As I said yesterday, it is a cover-up.

    Breaking into an office wasn’t Watergate. The cover-up was the issue.

    Having sex in the Oval Office was not the issue. Stating that I did not have sexual relations with that woman was the cover-up. That caused the problem.

    Paying back Senate expenses was not the problem. The cover-up that followed was the issue.




  2. The provincial Libs seem to do what they want and citizens don’t react. Maybe our mayor learned a thing or two while from his provincial colleagues. Lesson one: promise a lot; citizens don’t remember. Smile a lot; citizens easily won over. No bad news…ever. When bad things happen, stay away from the media.


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