Make Laurier Bike Lanes Safe: Bulldog Poll Results



The Bulldog Poll on what to do with the Laurier Avenue bike lanes received a great deal of interest.

The results are below:




Mayor Jim Watson has ordered a safety audit of the lanes following the recent death of a young women. The review will be done by outside consultants.

My own feeling is that Laurier is too busy for this much bike traffic and that a quieter thoroughfare must be chosen.

Maybe the safety audit will find differently. One thing certain: the Laurier bike lanes are unsafe now.

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4 thoughts on “Make Laurier Bike Lanes Safe: Bulldog Poll Results

  1. Oh boy. Another committee or review so the politicians can say they did something. Make a decision Mr Mayor. Stand up for the people who elected you. The Bulldog has shown the way with this poll.

    1. Bruce,
      I’d rather have a proper review done by people who have some expertise in the issue. Asking Watson to just go ahead and make a decision raises a couple of problems. First, he has no authority to just barge in and decide what to do. Second, what does he know about traffic or bike lanes? He voted for the existing set-up so why would you think he knows any more now than he did then?
      If (and it’s a big “if”) he were going to make the decision, do you not understand that he would probably seek out some information from other sources, all of which would be behind closed doors? I would prefer a public process that would hear from residents as well as experts and then see the results presented in public to a standing committee en route to council.
      You say Watson should ‘stand up for the people who elected’ him. Are those the people who want to take the cars off Laurier; those who want to improve the bike lanes and keep them on Laurier or those who want to move the bikes off Laurier? Some, all or none of the people in each group may have voted for Watson but I don’t recall anything on the ballot about the Laurier bike lanes.
      The driver of the truck who killed the young woman has been charged which may indicate that human error, as opposed to bike lane design, was responsible in that incident. That, of course, remains to be proven in court.

      1. “The trouble with Montreal’s cycling boom…” is an article on the Bulldog Canadian today.

        I do not live in an area where the traffic is dense nor where there are any bike lanes but the problem seems to be all around in larger cities. Having a growing number of bikes and cars sharing the roads would appear to be a problem that will require a combination of money,infrastructure and political will to remedy. It doesn’t appear that there is one quick fix.

  2. Watson foolishly wanted to get on the biking bandwagon and so approved the bike lanes on Laurier. Bad judgement on his part. Bike lanes could have gone on one way streets south of Laurier.
    And what about the truck driver. Is he just a patsy who will be taking the fall for Watson’s foolish decision. What did he do that was wrong?


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