Mathieu, Welcome To The Underside Of The Bus



“It is imperative that the Salvation Army engage us in an open, transparent and accountable public consultation process held in good faith. This would help ensure an open and transparent review of any proposed location, allow for concerns of residents, businesses and community groups to be properly heard and addressed, and ensure the services they are offering add value to our neighbourhood.”

Rideau-Vanier Councillor Mathieu Fleury on the Salvation Army shelter
proposed for 333 Montreal Road.


Just three words for you councillor: Mooney’s Bay playground.

Can’t see how the Salvation Army could do a worse job of consulting than the City of Ottawa and for Fleury to criticize another entity for failing to consult … well … that’s a mouthful. You’ll remember the consultation on consultations?

Fleury, Ottawa’s lifeguard-in-chief and devoted young follower of Mayor Jim Watson (from whom he has learned his political chops), is probably worried that the new Sally Ann shelter in his ward will cost him votes. And so it will.

Now Fleury is learning what it is like to have an ally in Watson. For the mayor, the mayor is Job 1. Something or someone in the way is a speed bump on the way to what he wants. Councillor you are now officially a speed bump.

Watson is telling the city (and Fleury) to give the Montreal Road shelter a chance. Watson wants to make sure that the Sally Ann doesn’t locate in Watsonland … you know, the Glebe, Kitchissippi, Rockcliffe, Manor Park … Funny, Fleury’s ward isn’t on that list.

Looks like young Mathieu is being thrown under the bus by His Worship. If the councillor is not sure, he should check with River ward’s Riley Brockington who is expert in the fine points of OC Transpo under-carriages.

(Yes, Riley this is a gratuitous comment about you but we’re trying to find ways to get you in The Bulldog because we’re frightened you will criticize this publication for ignoring you. So there you go, Riley, you’re in. Welcome aboard.)


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6 thoughts on “Mathieu, Welcome To The Underside Of The Bus

  1. The city wanted to make the ByWard market area more upscale. So it got the Salvation Army to move out. But move it to where? Maybe it should’ve stayed right where it was.

    1. Robert:

      This is a very good point. You want to keep the social services for the homeless in the same neighbourhood.

      This won’t make businesses and the locals happy but I estimate it could take anywhere from 30 to 50 minutes to walk from the news Sally Ann location to the Sandy Hill Community Health Centre. Those are two critical pieces in the homeless equation.

      These people can’t afford bus tickets and so they walk. But if it is -30 degrees, they might not walk for 50 minutes. And what if they are having trouble walking. This is a hike for a senior and imagine if you have all the health problems the homeless have … HIV, addictions, illnesses …

      So you want everything for the homeless close together.



  2. If you want to talk about Riley Brockington, you should take a look at the proposed redevelopment of the Travel Lodge on Carling (opposite Westgate). The owner is proposing about 900 units on the site and couldn’t be bothered to have a pre-consultation with the community. The first public meeting two weeks ago was after plans were already filed with the City. Most of our more enlightened developers have pre-consultation meetings with the public for major redevelopments, before filing plans. That way, at least it looks like they are willing to listen to the public. Unlike what is being proposed for Westgate, the Travel Lodge site backs directly onto streets of single family housing. I guess developers figure that pre-consultation in Riley’s ward isn’t required anymore.

  3. It will cost him a few votes, but his ward has never been one to turf incumbents all that easily. So he might lose a few votes but I doubt he’s worried about re-election.

    Also note the timing of the statements: Salvation Army announces their plans, Mathieu comes out strongly against it right away, and then a full day later the Mayor weighs in with his support.

    Hard to think this wasn’t coordinated, the Mayor being a communications control freak. This lets Mathieu feign outrage among his constituents, without ever actually doing anything on the issue. His statement doesn’t say what he will do, he’s just the pointing a finger. Very Watsonian.

    This is also how Mathieu has not-dealt with a host of issues, such as truck traffic on Rideau. He suggests open-sky thinking and city-wide consultations, and multi-year studies, and let’s talk about a problem into perpetuity. Meanwhile other wards seem to be improving, Rideau-Vanier’s only growth areas are shootings and cheque-cashing establishments.

    1. KA

      Interesting observation. I never thought of it that way, but there you go. You might be right. I could be wrong. Hard to say.

      cheers and thx


  4. Years ago, the Shepherds of Good Hope wanted to open a centre on Merivale Road and Kirkwood Avenue. The outcry started I and recall Vern White as Police Chief speaking out on the issue, holding meetings, reassuring residents that “all would be fine”. Seems the Shepherds also have a location on Castlefrank Road in Kanata. Wonder how this has worked out for the communities?
    P.S. Believe that Watson and Fleury are doing what is best for their careers.


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