Maybe Rockcliffe Could Take One For The Team


Mayor Jim Watson is continually asking Ottawans to take one for the team.

You know, put up with something you don’t really want because it’s best for the community.

At present, Watson wants Vanier to take one for the team by embracing the Salvation Army homeless shelter there.

In the old west end which is bearing the brunt of intensification in Ottawa, city planners ask the community to take one for the team when they erect a 24-storey high rise along Richmond Road.

Kanata and Barrhaven are being asked to take one for the team by not getting light rail in the Phase 2 expansion. The city is spending enough money to send the train to Rockland but Kanata and Barrhaven are told there’s not enough cash in the kitty for them.

But when Watson’s friends and voters in Rockcliffe and Manor Park are asked to take one for the team by allowing heavy trucks on the Aviation Parkway and building a bridge nearby to Gatineau, Watson runs to their defence and essentially cancels the project with his Queen’s Park friends. Then proposes a ridiculous truck tunnel that dangerous vehicles can’t use and is prohibitively expensive.

When are Rockcliffe and Manor Park going to take one for the team?

Maybe the homeless shelter should be located there.


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One thought on “Maybe Rockcliffe Could Take One For The Team

  1. Salvation Army could and should have been left where it was. Moving it was an attempt to gentrify the ByWard Market area. And where to put it? Where political power is weak: in Vanier.


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