Mayor Jim Watson: Neanderthal Labour Genius



Our civic leader, Mayor Jim Watson, tweeted out that if any workers had any doubts about the safety of the conditions in the light-rail tunnel, that worker should bring those concerns directly to the mayor.

Of course. Does this man have any real-world experience at all? Does he not know what happens when someone brings up safety concerns individually. He or she is branded as a trouble-maker. Bring it to the mayor and you become a major trouble-maker. Bad enough the foreman, but the mayor. You show up the company in a spectacular way.

Watson might have missed it, his hands so covered in calluses from lifting a pencil his whole life, but that is one of the reasons why labour unions were invented. Employees report problems to the union so they don’t get centred out by the company.

Video above: Mayor Jim Watson’s labour techniques are a tad Neanderthal.

How to end your career? Report a safety concern to the mayor.

But then what does the mayor know about employee relations? He told police officers that if they weren’t happy in Ottawa, they should work somewhere else. Neanderthal comment. Would that not be the mantra of employers in early 19th-century Manchester? Yes, run along Bob Cratchit. If you aren’t happy at Scrooge Inc., get another job.

Meanwhile The Ottawa and District Labour Council’s Sean McKenny says some workers in the light-rail tunnel don’t feel safe. Well if you don’t feel safe, go talk to the mayor. He will tell you that despite one little sinkhole, one big sinkhole and one Rideau Street collapse plus flood waters rushing into the tunnel, don’t worry everything is OK down there. I’m your mayor and surely you can believe me. Trust me.

Any idiot could tell you that this project hasn’t been very safe. Well not every idiot. When the roof caves in, that’s a sign that things aren’t unfolding as they should.

And why not believe Watson? He’s the guy who has paid $6 billion for a $2.8-billion light-rail project. Now that’s a deal. So if Jim Watson says the tunnel is safe, well dammit, that tunnel is safe. Watson’s business acumen is unparalleled.

We’re lucky to have Watson. If you don’t believe me, ask Watson.



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4 thoughts on “Mayor Jim Watson: Neanderthal Labour Genius

  1. Ken:

    Quit picking on the Neanderthals, they don’t tweet silly thoughts.

    I once saw a cartoon where two guys in suits were tearing up paper and dumping it in the trash can. The caption read something like, “Just another day reviewing the employee suggestion box”.

  2. On hearing Watson’s comment to LRT workers, my first thought was also his comment to cops who complained.
    The LRT workers are caught between a rock and a hard place, i.e. the need to earn a living and yet be safe.
    The Mayor lacks the understanding/imagination to know how most voters live.


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