Mayor Should Discuss Road Tolls: Reader

Bulldog contributor Brocklebank is concerned the mayor doesn’t want to discuss road tolls:

Would road tolls make sense in Ottawa? Well if we refuse to think about it, I guess we will never know.

I realize there is a strong tradition among politicians to say: “You didn’t have to pay that tax because of me; vote for me.” To quote our former prime minister: “it’s a no-brainer”.

But I am concerned that Mayor Jim Watson is opposed to any discussion about alternative or additional sources of revenue for the city. Not only has he opposed thinking about road tolls, he has also discouraged any idea that Ottawa (Ontario’s second most populous municipality) be granted the additional revenue powers bestowed on Toronto.

I’m not arguing that road tolls, or municipal surcharges on vehicle registration are necessarily great ideas. But I think looking at the very narrow revenue powers of the city and seeing if they might be expanded, is worth examination.

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One thought on “Mayor Should Discuss Road Tolls: Reader

  1. Emperors don’t have to discuss things with the plebes.
    While he seems to be getting more and more autocratic, someone should tell him that if we knew his reasons for these pronouncements, some of us might even agree with some of them.


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