Mayor’s Quote Leaves Bulldog Speechless: Whopper Watch



“I’ve never seen a rat in the city of Ottawa.”

Mayor Jim Watson


No comment.



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13 thoughts on “Mayor’s Quote Leaves Bulldog Speechless: Whopper Watch

  1. Doesn’t surprise me.
    – he has led a seemingly sheltered existence;
    – he doesn’t strike me as a terribly observant person;
    – he says many things that seem out-of-touch with reality.

  2. You really demonstrated your amazing power to ‘rise above’ there, Ken. I can just imagine the retorts that zoomed through your head when you heard that one. “No comment” can be a very noble response.

    I wonder if the citizenry should convey the four-legged rats they come across to him so that he can have the life-enriching experience of meeting a rat or two. I know I shouldn’t suggest it in case someone takes up the idea but it could be a deeper experience if the rat was not deceased but was mobile. I just want him to know what many Centretown residents are experiencing.

    1. The Voter:

      You know, OPH warned about increasing the rodent population because of biweekly garbage pickup.

      I once had a neighbour with a compost bin that was stuffed full of mice. If mice are getting into two-week-old garbage, that’s not good.

      And does it need repeating that rodents carry disease?

      I’ve seen no end of rats of both the two-legged and four-legged variety but the one I remember most was one put at the end of my sidewalk (dead) when I’d been working on a politically sensitive story.

      A calling card no doubt.



      1. Mr. Gray,
        I take full credit for the assumption.
        Have noted you always reply to ‘Mr. Fed-Up’ — now is that assumption or fake news?


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