McKenna A Non-Entity In Cabinet Rankings



Tory consultant Andrew MacDougall wrote an interesting column in the Citizen recently on who Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can really trust in his cabinet.

MacDougall writes about who is bad in the cabinet and who is good and shades in-between.

Featured prominently a step behind the prime minister in the photo that accompanied the opinion piece was Environment Minister Catherine McKenna of Ottawa Centre and the senior Liberal from the Ottawa area in the cabinet.

So where does McKenna rate on the MacDougall scale of Trudeau cabinet ministers?

Well nowhere. McKenna doesn’t even rate a mention in the article.

She is just there … that’s all.

Photo above: Environment Catherine McKenna and school children.

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4 thoughts on “McKenna A Non-Entity In Cabinet Rankings

  1. Trudeau and Watson have similar management traits. They both are egotistical and dominate their “caucus”. My way or the highway seems to be a common thread.

  2. Wonder what MacDougall said on the many, many occasions he was consulted by PM? Hope he remembered to start his reply with “Justin” and not “Peter”. Classic definition of “idle” speculation.

    Perhaps most amazing achievement by Trudeau pre-election was to attract so many top candidates despite only having 34 seats and in 3rd place, with massive ad campaign to vilify him. Had an over abundance of good choices for Cabinet.

    By the way, The Bulldog (in its late and lamented podcast) predicted McKenna for cabinet when few others were.

    1. Alf:

      I don’t remember the groundswell of opinion to put the podcast back on, but maybe you do.

      As for the McKenna pick, what can I say …?



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