McKenna Should Say She Is Sorry: Whopper Watch


Environment Minister Catherine McKenna in one of her videos featuring Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

“I think there are ways we can reduce costs. We need to be mindful of the cost to taxpayers. That’s something we are committed to as a government.”

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna

Let’s take a close look at these words.

“I think there are ways we can reduce costs.” Yes, don’t pay $6,600 to a freelance photographer in Paris to take pictures of dubious value of Environment Minister Catherine McKenna.

“We need to be mindful of the cost to taxpayers.” Well yes. If taxpayers can tell this is a useless contract to the photographer, surely the minister would recognize that too.

Furthermore didn’t McKenna come to office knowing that she needs to be mindful of the cost to taxpayers? Of course she did. The fact of the matter was that she didn’t do that.

“That’s something we are committed to as a government.” Really? So why all the problems with funny spending and questionable billings.

Here’s what I would like to hear from McKenna.

“I sorry. We made a mistake and I will try hard to see that it doesn’t happen again. I’m the minister and what goes on in this department is my responsibility. So that means I’m responsible for the mistake. I will personally see that it doesn’t happen again.”

Funny. Don’t see I’m sorry in McKenna’s statement.

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8 thoughts on “McKenna Should Say She Is Sorry: Whopper Watch

  1. The reason she hasn’t said she is sorry is because she isn’t sorry. She, like so many others who treat other peoples’ money without due care, believe their own BS defense of why that expenditure was necessary and exceptional. Andrew Coyne presents an excellent perspective of the syndrome in today’s National Post.


    1. Ron:

      I can’t look into McKenna’s mind but I guess when you get such a responsible position at a young age, it is usually the result of a large amount of ambition.

      Ambition does some nasty things.




  2. Why does she need a photographer at all? Is that not the job of the media? I saw the event and there was no shortage of cameras. Quibbling about the price hides the real principle of the matter. Why hire photographers at all at any price?


      1. Media photographers may not be focused solely on the Minister, ensuring that the framing is perfect, that the light is flattering, that someone isn’t in the background, distracting the viewer from the centre of attention. Better to use the taxpayers’ money, for quality control purposes.


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