McKenna Videos: At Least The Muppets Would Be Interesting


“Photos, like press releases, social media and other communications tools, are a way to communicate to Canadians the work the government is doing on their behalf.”

Caitlyn Workman, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s spokeswoman

Oh come on.

Or in the words of former tennis great and tightly wound human being John McEnroe: “You cannot be serious.”

Photos taken of the minister in Paris and the bucket-full of videos on YouTube produced by Environment and Climate Change Canada featuring McKenna serve little purpose but to raise the profile of the minister.

Why ECCC could use video of the effects of climate change or illustrate climate change featuring The Muppets or maybe even graphics with a voice-over. The possibilities are endless.

But somehow these photos and videos (and not very informative videos) feature McKenna. Now how could that happen? Are we campaigning for the next election in 2016? Who does she think she is? Jim Watson?

Canadians threw out a government that produced ministry videos and such that looked remarkably like campaign messages.

Note the operative words above are “threw out a government.” Such photos and videos are unbecoming of the Liberal leadership.

Rather than producing at least 53 videos on climate change starring Minister Catherine McKenna, perhaps Environment and Climate Change Canada could have made just one with The Cookie Monster, a very impatient Muppet. At least this video is interesting.

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5 thoughts on “McKenna Videos: At Least The Muppets Would Be Interesting

  1. Are the other cabinet members making videos at this rapid rate? There are 30 of them (plus the prime minister) so we could potentially have roughly 1,600 videos floating around out there by now. Who’s watching them all?


  2. Bruce,
    It is more like the form of government communications predicted in Fahrenheit 451 with a little 1984 overtone.


  3. The Liberal Party has continued to demonstrate its willingness to exploit style over substance in its presentation of Justin Trudeau, both prior to his becoming PM and after. So, even though we have been advised that Minister McKenna, who is photogenic, has much to offer the Canadian people as she leads her Environment portfolio (something that I do not question), style over substance continues to dominate. Why? Because it is 2016.


  4. Pierre Polievre was, justifiably so, raked over the coals for doing exactly the same thing but now it’s acceptable? Um, no. I don’t think so. Unacceptable no matter the colour tie you’re wearing … Issue a press release, hold a news conference, whatever you want but slickly produced videos are coming out of my pocket and “I did not approve this message.”


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