McKenney Stands Proud


Congratulations to Somerset Councillor Catherine McKenney for being the single vote on city council against the location on LeBreton Flats of the new central library. Final tally 23 to 1.

The new library leaves downtown uncovered by the Ottawa Public Library and McKenney stood up for her ward and her beliefs.

You know there had to be enormous pressure from the mayor and her fellow councillors to make the vote unanimous. But she stuck to her guns. Good on her.

The Bulldog has great respect for people who speak loud and stand up for what they believe is right.

We need more of those folks in Ottawa. McKenney is one of them.



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4 thoughts on “McKenney Stands Proud

  1. When 23 of 24 voters vote aye, then you just know, deep down, that something is off kilter. Nothing is ever that right. Nothing – period.

  2. Knowing the workings of the City, I suspect this is not over yet and, as the saying goes, there’s many a slip twixt cup and lip.
    I’m not sure whether the good councillor was voting against the concept of the proposed library or its location. If it’s the latter, we still have the possibility of it being derailed when they do the next levels of testing on the site itself or when the feds say it’s very nice but it doesn’t work for them for some reason.
    The logical thing would have been to have the prep work all done and then do a joint announcement of the agreed-upon product by both partners. If you lock yourself into something and then go to negotiate an agreement with a partner, don’t be surprised if their tactics include using your position as leverage to get what they want. That’s how horse-trading works.

    1. The Voter:

      I wonder what the consequences will be for McKenney but if they do something untoward, I’m sure they’ll pay a price for it in The Bulldog.

      That said, Catherine is pretty good at taking care of herself.




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