#melnykout Hinders Rather Than Helps The Senators



“If a few billboards costing about the same as a single pair of good season tickets make a few fans feel a little better in an otherwise down year for the team, then have at it. If they are really lucky, they might even discourage a few more fans from supporting the team, thereby adding more pressure on management to lower payroll. Except this wasn’t the objective here, was it.”

Ottawa Sun’s Rick Gibbons on the #melnykout Internet and billboard campaign


Ah Spencer Callaghan continues to make friends and influence people as he goes.

The man behind the #melnykout bit of publicity fluff hasn’t quite thought through what he was trying to achieve and in fact might be hurting the Ottawa Senators rather than making a better team. At least that’s what Gibbons’ says and for what it is worth, I agree.

Callaghan would do well to find something constructive to do if he truly wants to ensure the Senators stay here.

But then that might not involve his few moments of being famous.

It would be very nice to see Callaghan do something constructive for a change.


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4 thoughts on “#melnykout Hinders Rather Than Helps The Senators

  1. A public extraction of the comment? A mea culpa? Not likely. Who takes responsibility for their actions anymore?


  2. One of the leading reasons for people supporting “social justice” initiatives is so they can populate their social media presence with how socially conscious they are. It is more about self-promotion, boosting their flagging self-esteem, massaging their egos, if you will, than actually accomplishing something useful.

    I led with that statement because I suspect that the primary purpose for Spencer Callaghan and his 1,000ish crowd-funders is about self-aggrandization, rather than to make a useful point or to improve the situation. Callaghan can now brag to his social media “friends” and followers about how he organized a billboard campaign, and his funders can point out they put up $10 of their hard-earned cash to accomplish … well, nothing of value, other than enhancing the revenue stream of the billboard companies.


  3. Spencer Callaghan is just taking a lead from Islanders fans who recently put up billboards demanding that Islanders GM Garth Snow be fired, as well as Phoenix Suns fans who recently put up billboards demanding Suns owner Robert Sarver sell their team. On that note I should point out those Suns fans only raised $3,600 U.S. for their billboard protest, so I’m kind of impressed he’s managed to raise $10,000 CAD for his. You can’t say that Sens fans aren’t passionate.


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