Memo To Steve Cripps: Re: LRT Completion Date



From The Bulldog;

To Steve Cripps, director of O-Train construction.

Dear Steve:

We send you this note to clear up any confusion the City of Ottawa has in determining the target date for completion of the Confederation Line LRT.

We note that you said this week in an email sent through the city communications department: “The city is confident that Rideau Transit Group will meet its construction deadlines and is operational in 2018. A start date for the line will be determined when all of the systems have been fully tested and commissioned and we are confident it is safe and ready for customers to use.”

We know it has been a hectic and confusing time for the light-rail group given the gas-line breaks, falling cranes, sinkholes, fire and flood that have enveloped the project over its duration and extend into this week.

Accordingly the exact finish date might have been lost in this difficult time. The Bulldog writes to tell you that completion date set down by the city is May 7, 2018.

We know that with the life-threatening incidents that have occurred in the LRT construction that you will be taking special care that the line will be safe when it opens. You have said the line will open when all the required testing is completed. In other words, the completion date in your email essentially means that the line will be finished when it is finished.

The residents of the municipality and The Bulldog are confident that the city will complete the line on-time, on-budget and it will be safe at the target date agreed upon.

This completion date is May 7, 2018.

We trust this clears up any confusion you might have had.

We look forward to riding in the $2.3-billion project on May 8, 2018.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


The Bulldog


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7 thoughts on “Memo To Steve Cripps: Re: LRT Completion Date

  1. Often more is revealed by what is not said than what is said. Mayor Watson’s mantra of “on-time and on-budget” has not been heard in public, of late.

  2. I think it is alarming that the City is still spouting that the LRT Phase 1 is going to be on time anytime in 2018 much less in May 2018.

    Cripps keeps hedging and frankly sounds like a broken record. His group must have a media person on 24-hour notice to change the wording of the delay from day-to-day. I suggest Mr. Cripps get some courage and wave the white flag now on any 2018 date. Sorry if that is an election year — councillors will just have to take the glossy picture of the train off their campaign literature.

    On top of this, the obvious delay will seriously impact the the Phase 2 section beyond Tunney’s to Lincoln Fields and beyond, which was to be completed and in service by 2023.

    I live along the Macdonald Parkway right next to where the new Cleary Station will be located. After hundreds of hours of meetings with city since March 2016, when the alignment changed for us with no consultation whatsoever (Unitarian decision), we have been told that the actual construction behind would commence in the fall of 2019. I now smell a delay that will push date into 2020.

    For planning purposes for our condo and for the businesses next to us, where the actual Cleary Station will be, any delay will be disruptive for an even longer period.

    Status certificates, bylaws and actual expropriation of part of our property and the total expropriation of all the 747 business owners will prolong the misery we will be facing anyway.

    For us Watson’s drone on of “on-time and on-budget” just doesn’t buy it.

    And for Cripps his moto seems to be “Never retreat just charge backwards”.

    This frankly is a disgrace.

    1. Randy, good to have you back.

      As you know, the city is backing away from its commitment of May 7, 2018 for completion of Page 1.

      Why don’t they tell the truth? The line won’t be ready on time if that’s the case. Now they’re saying it will be ready when it is ready. So there is no deadline. If this is the case, why not just say we’ve had some difficulties and unfortunately the train is running late? No one has been killed for saying that. The people would appreciate the honesty. It would be a refreshing break from the usual.

      Furthermore, if you tell the truth, it’s easier to keep the story straight.

      Another note. The candidates will need the glossy pictures so they can show voters what this massively over-priced project will look like.

      Another note. We’re still waiting for the expropriation figures for the lands for Phase 1. The project is approaching completion (May 7, 2018) so we are wondering if the expropriation deals will close before the project is completed on-time and on-budget.

      One would think that one would conclude the expropriation before the project begins but then the city built this project without the western exit secured.

      And look how well that worked out. Tunnelling down a park where no one lives.

      Yes Randy, it is a disgrace in so many ways.



    2. Also Randy in terms of the city, the more they waffle on the project, the increasingly stupid they look.

      People are remarkably forgiving of people who make mistakes.

      They are less forgiving of those who don’t admit them.



  3. I am certain that very soon the sharks will start to circle this whole LRT project and the cry from Cripps and Watson will go out:” We will need a bigger boat “.

    1. Randy:

      I think you are right. When people finally discover we’re paying more than twice as much for less as the cancelled project, they’ll go nuts.

      And a few more accidents (hopefully no one will get hurt) and people will start to wonder what’s going on.

      A good candidate would also make an issue of the debt.



  4. Ken,
    I hope that Cripps & Co. understand that your use of “we” is not the royal we but indicates that the letter represents the thoughts of all of us and that most of us will be at the ballot box in October 2018.
    This just demonstrates once again that this project was not planned but is being rolled out in a very haphazard way with little regard for the impact on the community.


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