Meow: Warren Kinsella On Paul Wells


Wait a second, Warren Kinsella. I like jazz.

I don’t think I’m many of those things you call the Toronto Star’s Paul Wells.

Here’s Liberal pundit Kinsella:

“A lot of jazz, to me, is a lot like Paul Wells: formless, self-indulgent, lacking a centre. Snobby and cloistered.”

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8 thoughts on “Meow: Warren Kinsella On Paul Wells

      1. Maybe Paul Wells was heckling Warren Kinsella during karaoke night at a bar in downtown Toronto. Kinsella fancies himself as a singer/musician.

        Indeed, Kinsella plays bass and sings under the name “Winkie,” for the punk band “Sh** From Hell.” Their 2012 record album, entitled: “Why do you hate me?” got some interesting feedback: “With song titles like “F**k Buddy,” “Jesus Got Wood” and “Horny Single Mom,” we can’t help but wonder what Kinsella’s Liberal Party buddies think about all this — and whether they’re laughing about the anti-Ontario tune “Onterrible” (which includes lines about “Moronto”).

        1. Sheridan:

          Certainly parts of Toronto qualify for Moronto. I’m thinking Leaf fans at present.

          Hard to say what his music is all about. Is he a rebellious middle-aged man? Is he having fun with us?

          I know I couldn’t run a video of his punk band because the lyrics to a song were a tad graphic.

          Is he a punk? Does he think it is cool? Does he care?

          Does it matter?

          Here’s what I do know about Warren.

          When the chips were down for The Bulldog when it was being blacklisted by the city, Warren stepped up and flew in the face of his friend Mayor Jim Watson and stood up for freedom of speech and expression. He called down the blacklist.

          That means I owe Warren one. And I will always be grateful for his support. Just like I will always be grateful to people such as Diane Deans and Rick Chiarelli and Rob Snow and David Reevely and J-Source and many others who I’m missing when the chips were down. And a thank you to avid Bulldog reader Jim Watson for raising the circulation of his favourite website by his unthinking blacklisting.

          Is Kinsella having a bit of a spat with Paul Wells? Sure looks so.

          But then I’ve had my share of hissy fits, too. He’s allowed a couple or three.

          We all are.



  1. Kinsella is a duplicitous hack. I learned just how craven he is when he trashed a friend who was running for office, and then blocked me from commenting on his site. For the record, my comments were not abusive, or personal, but related to the content of his posts. A small, mean, grasping man.

  2. I’m not sure what jazz or Paul Wells did to get such non- glowing adjectives but perhaps the “formless, self-indulgent,lacking a centre, snobby and cloistered” part could be redirected at more than a few pols and their collective.

    I’m sure Satchmo would not have qualified for any of the words in quotations above.

  3. Same as Bob LeDrew. Made a polite comment that did not agree with what Mr. Kinsella had posted. My comment was deleted which indicates how petty Mr. Kinsella can be.
    Noted Mr. Kinsella referred to himself as Irish — thought he was Canadian?

    1. Being Irish and being Canadian aren’t mutually exclusive. His great-grandparents came from County Wexford in Ireland so he has Irish blood. The name “Kinsella” is well-known in Ireland. There are many Canadians with more distant connections who still call themselves Irish.


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