Metal Detectors Useless At Bluesfest

Oh good, metal detectors at Bluesfest.

Metal detectors are pretty much useless in preventing violence.

What will security people do if they spot a person, through the detectors, with a gun?

Who knows? The best-trained police officers have a big problem when someone pulls a gun. Security guards at sports and entertainment entrances have no chance at all. For example, despite a hardened Parliament Hill, a shooter almost got into the Conservative caucus.

If someone wants to cause trouble at a public event, either inside or while waiting to go through the metal detector, they can do it. You can’t defend tens of thousands of people.

The best bet is to go to Bluesfest and enjoy the show. The odds of someone hurting people a la Las Vegas are very poor and you can’t defend against it anyway.


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3 thoughts on “Metal Detectors Useless At Bluesfest

  1. I just love the mentality that assumes that a trouble-maker with a knife, gun or other is going to dutifully line up and walk through a metal detector. Even a shop-lifter knows enough to not walk through the scanner on the way out.

    Be safe people – wear kevlar suits.


    P.S. – maybe they will at least stop people from smuggling in beer cans and sandwiches wrapped in aluminium foil. lol


  2. Most security scans for crowded areas are illusions, at best.

    Canada Day 150 is Exhibit A. It took hours for people to get through security to get on to the Hill, all the while standing dutifully in line, outside security. All that was missing was someone with evil in their hearts to attack – outside the security check point.

    The Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England in May 2017 is Exhibit B. I trust that there is no need to describe the horrors of the attack that took place outside the secure area.


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