Metro, CBC Are Bright Spots In Declining Media Industry


Amidst the economic carnage that is Ottawa’s traditional media, has anyone noticed which outlets are improving?

First on the list is Metro which is finding good, short important and interesting stories that the other media are missing. Metro is likely to be one of the survivors when traditional outlets fail and advertisers (the few of them left in Ottawa) will be looking for a new place to spend their money.

That just might be Metro.

The other organization is the CBC Ottawa news. The online edition that is.

Your agent doesn’t consume a lot of television or radio news after a day on the Internet so what I’m seeing is the Corp’s online offering.

It is showing depth that rivals the print media and occasionally breaks a good story.

Now it helps that the CBC is somewhat divorced from the ad market, but Metro and CBC are places of hope as the traditional media winds down.



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