Minister Talks, El-Chantiry Doesn’t


Why is it that Marie-France Lalonde, Ontario’s Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services, can quickly comment on the use of reinforced police gloves, but Ottawa Police Services Board chairman Eli El-Chantiry cannot?

“I think all police services in Ontario should consider undertaking an equipment audit to ensure the ‘use of force’ guidelines continue to reflect the realities of front-line policing in the province,” Lalonde said. In fact, Ottawa police are conducting such an audit right now.

El-Chantiry said he couldn’t comment because the gloves fall under the category of “operations” where the PSB doesn’t have jurisdiction.

El-Chantiry should be in front of such issues but instead leads from behind.

If El-Chantiry doesn’t want to address an important and controversial issue as the police gloves, why is he in politics? And why is he the person defending the rights of citizens in police matters?



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5 thoughts on “Minister Talks, El-Chantiry Doesn’t

  1. There is a real challenge in determining when to change leadership, particularly of a board of directors or an oversight committee. There are real benefits in continuity. One should not discard “corporate knowledge” without due consideration. On the other side of the coin, sitting in the same chair too long can lead to stagnant thinking, of accepting the status quo, of giving the benefit of the doubt too often.

    Is it time for Councillor El -Chantiry to pass the Police Services Board chair to another councillor?

    1. You’re asking Ron. I’d say yes.

      If Andre Marin says he is “shirking” his duties, well that’s not good.



      1. Therein the problem lies. Politicians playing politics is not news. Sadly, being an acolyte of Mayor Watson seems to be one of the main criteria for being appointed chair of a committee. Quite frankly, being an acolyte of the mayor should be a disqualifying characteristic, as it demonstrates a willingness to play politics over a willingness to be objective. Not on the same level as selling one’s soul to the devil, but … I will leave it to Chaz or the long lost Sheridan to come up with a better metaphor.


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