Mitic, Fleury Tweet Tunnel Support


The tweet above just leaves your agent astonished.

How can thinking people back this plan? Support on transportation committee was at best grudging.

This is $2 billion for a truck tunnel that can’t carry trucks with dangerous materials. An astounding waste of money.

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Photo above: Councillor Jody Mitic retweets Councillor Mathieu Fleury on downtown trucks.

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7 thoughts on “Mitic, Fleury Tweet Tunnel Support

  1. With that kind of attitude towards public spending and debt, Fleury will be perfect as a member of either Trudeau’s or Wynne’s government whichever he decides to run for. Does Mitic also have higher level aspirations?


  2. I just hope Fleury’s political career comes to an end much sooner than later… He still needs much more real world experience before running for elected office, and treating it entirely like a PR gig


  3. Does Fleury not realize that if this tunnel ever gets built, many trucks will continue to roll through Lowertown and the ones he can’t push into the tunnel are the most dangerous?

    Within a few years of completion, when people see that the trucks are still there, they will once again be pushing for a solution. Then, maybe, common sense will prevail and the east-end bridge will get built.

    I have a suggestion for a tunnel name. In Winnipeg, they have Duff’s Ditch which is a fond reference to the Floodway. How about Fleury’s Folly?


  4. A “solution” 10 years down the road is not a solution – it is yet another delaying tactic so politicians will not have to make any difficult political decisions. Spending $7 million+ on consultations seems to be a no brainer but just TRY to get a few thousand to beautify King Edward NOW. Flowers, banners, murals, pedestrian crossings – efforts that have been made in other communities – we have been turned down again and again.

    Reduce trucks downtown? Planning should start immediately to develop terminals where large trucks will download to smaller trucks which then fan out to do local deliveries keeping large trucks out of the downtown.



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