Mooney’s Bay Is Some Gift: Whopper Watch



“The people who love it are the thousands of kids who have been playing on it for weeks! Glad we said no to naysayers and accepted this gift!”

Mayor Jim Watson tweet on the Mooney’s Bay playground


Gift? Did someone say gift?

Here’s what the City of Ottawa website says about this “gift”.


How will the project be funded?

This playground is of a scale and uniqueness that qualifies it as a city-wide feature, not neighbourhood-specific.

This is a partnership project between Sinking Ship Entertainment and the City of Ottawa, which will each contribute 50 per cent of the funding. The City’s portion will be to a maximum of $959,750. It comes from the City-wide Cash-in-lieu of Parkland Fund.

This fund is generated through development charge revenue and not from the tax base. It is intended to fund recreation initiatives that have city-wide impact. As Mooney’s Bay Park is one of the most significant parks in the city and is considered to be a city-wide destination, it meets the criteria for this funding.

Hmmm. If I got a birthday present and the giver said I had to pay for it, I’d say it was rather a cheap faulty gift.

Perhaps staff members when they are looking for updates on the light-rail project can also investigate how much money was raised by Sinking Ship and if SS fell short, who picked up the tab.

As we remember, SS was trying to crowd-funded its money through the Internet and not doing very well at it.

And then there is the quote itself with inaccuracies galore but the most glaring is that it was the mayor’s and River Councillor Riley Brockington’s lack of openness and process that caused the problem … not naysayers. If Watson wanted to see the cause of the playground controversy, he need only buy a mirror.

One wonders if Watson has been a politician so long that he doesn’t realize when he twists the truth.

Yes the Mooney’s Bay controversy … the gift that just keeps on giving.


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5 thoughts on “Mooney’s Bay Is Some Gift: Whopper Watch

  1. “(T)housands of kids” have been playing on it for weeks? Does he have the same person-counter as did the Trump inauguration numbers?
    Does he understand that four-year-olds don’t have a well-developed sense of cultural appropriation and that grown-ups like him have a duty to guard against it?
    Four-year-olds also don’t understand budgets and fulfilment of financial obligations so would not be concerned if the monkey bars have been paid for or not.
    If Watson asks you to join him for dinner, his gift to you for your great work, expect him to ask you to split the bill.

    1. “Does he understand that four-year-olds don’t have a well-developed sense of cultural appropriation and that grown-ups like him have a duty to guard against it?”

      You do know that British Columbia (represented by totem poles) is next to Alberta (represented by the covered wagon), right? Not much Watson can do about that…

      1. Sorry, G.B., I don’t understand your point. What does the location of B.C. have to do with cultural appropriation?

  2. The mess grows larger and all before the official unveiling on Canada Day 2017. The Mayor’s numbers are not official — quelle surprise.


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