Mooney’s Bay: The Playground That Just Keeps Giving



“The builder of the park hired a First Nations adviser … I wasn’t part of that process by my understanding was a First Nations person was consulted and questions were asked.”

River Councillor Riley Brockington on alleged cultural insensitivity at Mooney’s Bay playground

 You really have to wonder what’s going on with Brockington when he’s not part of cultural process with the Mooney’s Bay playground.

Most politicians who have been raked over the coals like Brockington was on Mooney’s Bay would be watching process like a hawk. Remember it was lack of process that contributed to the outrage over the playground.

Had residents been consulted maybe an accommodation could have been reached that would have kept everyone happy.

No such luck.

After all that controversy yet Brockington is not engaged. Amazing.


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9 thoughts on “Mooney’s Bay: The Playground That Just Keeps Giving

  1. The city and TVO partnered to build this park, so while Brockington should have learned a lesson the first time around, the blame does not rest solely with him.
    The Mayor’s response was a tweet stating ‘The people who love it are the thousands of kids who have been playing on it for weeks. Glad we said no to naysayers and accepted this gift!”
    It was not a total gift and what a crummy attitude towards naysayers.

  2. Has the proponent ever come up with the funds they were supposed to be contributing? Or is the city on the hook once again?

  3. Hi Ken,

    You have Riley all wrong, he’s learning ” Politics 101 ” from the Watson camp. Take credit for everything good and defect when things are not so good. Let’s see if he has learned enough to throw someone under the bus. (He could use some company under there)

  4. Up until now, I saw this park only under the issues of ramming it past council and the money angle.
    Now the only thing that could make this more of “a debacle’ (Lynn Gehl’s words) would be handing out cap-guns, bows & arrows, and headdresses.

    I recant on my other comment posted elsewhere on today’s Bulldog.

    Maybe there really is a basket of deplorables.

    What the hell is going on.


  5. Rest assured that Brockington will blame staff or someone else for this latest fiasco. One can only hope his residents will see him for what he is and vote him out in 2018. Residents need someone of ex-councillor Maria McRae’s calibre to represent their interests at council. Brockington has been a disaster.

    1. @Pierre Pagé,

      I was in total agreement with you until you mentioned Maria McRae’s calibre. She was a disaster up until her last day in office. Sorry for using your words, but they are fitting.

  6. Brockington needs to go.

    Should have followed and paid attention to his immediate neighbours who displayed an opponent”s campaign posters on their front lawns.


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