Moooo! Tunney’s Pasture Bus Transfers




Yes you’ve seen the pictures (or rather the artist’s representations) of the bold new light-rail stations.

No doubt many of them will be as fine as the plans show.

However, one wonders if that will be the case at the major transfer points between buses and trains … the dreaded extra transfer that light rail has given us.

Transfer points have been constructed at Tunney’s Pasture and they look pretty permanent. Will these be in use when light rail is operating? Could be. They’re not in the artist’s representations.

But your intrepid Bulldog went to Tunney’s to get the visual evidence. Right now at least, it’s a pretty bleak landscape of roads and pavement. A treeless asphalt and concrete plain which no doubt city planners think is progress.

Wonder if those same planners will be transferring at Tunney’s in the rain, sleet, snow, cold and heat of Ottawa weather.

Looks like a great place to catch pneumonia. Has the ambience of the Chicago stockyards.






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2 thoughts on “Moooo! Tunney’s Pasture Bus Transfers

  1. No comments on this at all? I’ve been to Tunney’s Pasture before and after work and it’s a bad show of buses lined-up from bumper to bumper; delays, schedule overlaps, missing routes….passengers looping around to transfer buses in which they’ll miss as soon as they see their bus from across the station already leaving. Yeah HOW VERY PROGRESSIVE.


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