More Carnage In Ottawa’s Streets


On the week when Statistics Canada released its crime severity index that showed Ottawa had 10 times the rate of other Canadian cities, yet more carnage.

Two men were shot dead Monday and another was seriously wounded.

So is the severe crime situation getting better? Perhaps not.

This is not what Ottawans expect in their safe, quiet city.

Mayor Jim Watson and Chief Charles Bordeleau better develop a plan on how to deal with this … and soon.


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6 thoughts on “More Carnage In Ottawa’s Streets

  1. The party line? Citizens please don’t worry. These were targeted killings by gangs. Shouldn’t affect normal everyday people.

    1. Is it carnage when hoodlums kill off each other? Not judging the last deaths to be gangsters but the way of life in many cases dictates the way of death. The biggest loss to society is the time spent by first responders and medical persons on the wasted lives of miscreants.

  2. The reason we shouldn’t be worried about targeted shooting is that the shooter always hits his target. There are never any stray bullets. There are never any innocent bystanders. Right Chief Bordeleau?

    1. What concerns me is Chief Bordeleau says not to worry with no sense of urgency in his voice, like he has bigger issues to deal with.

  3. Ken,
    Assumptions abound. Two young men have died, they have family that mourn.
    To this time, there has been no evidence that this was ‘gang related’, yet assumptions abound.
    Why are they assumed to be lesser than anyone else?
    Let the police proceed with their investigation. They already have a notice out regarding a person believed to be “involved”.
    I wish to heck people would stop with their snap judgments and labelling.
    Your religious affiliation, colour, sex are totally irrelevant.
    Society in general is becoming repulsive … No I will change that … society in general has become repulsive.

    Anne Marie


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