More Questions On Phase 2 LRT


Here are some interesting facts and opinions surrounding Mayor Jim Watson’s Phase 2 of Ottawa light rail.

  • Did anyone know that the Trillium Line was so inconsequential to Ottawa commuting that it could be closed for 16 months? A surprise to us all;
  • The trip for someone from Ottawa airport to downtown will involve three different vehicles and two transfers. A trip to Kanata will involve four different vehicles and three transfers. The last vehicle in the Kanata trip will be a taxi costing about $60 or a ride on the bus.
  • Phase 2 of light rail doesn’t reach Kanata or Barrhaven before 2023;
  • Ottawa planners think the north-south Trillium Line will decrease traffic on the Airport Parkway. In fact what happens is that drivers see an unclogged road and return to their cars from transit because the run is faster with less traffic … at least until the road clogs with traffic again;
  • Didn’t the City of Ottawa just rebuild the Trillium Line to little or no positive effect?
  • Why is Rideau Transit Group not bidding on the eastern or western extensions of light rail?



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6 thoughts on “More Questions On Phase 2 LRT

  1. If there is one sure thing that can be gleaned by reading The Bulldog, it is that there seems to be far more questions than answers when it comes to your city’s projects.

    Maybe having to think of answers gives politicians headaches.

  2. The proposed design for the Airport leg is ludicrous. It should be a loop, with alternate trains using it. It should also be designed to avoid destroying an important milkweed field. Back in February 2016 I advised:
    “Major impacts on SAR habitat (including the extensive milkweed field benefiting the Monarch Butterfly) should and can be avoided. As well, employees and travelers south of the Airport should not have to travel north of the Airport and then south again to reach their destination. The better alignment would therefore be: Start closer to Hunt Club Road and cut across to the Airport Parkway, avoiding the milkweed field and major impact on woodland, then follow the Parkway alignment on the west side, have the E&Y Centre station on the south side of it, go into the Airport at its north side, and continue in a loop to a new Lester Road station and back to the main line.”

  3. Really A spur line to the airport? Why not a loop through YOW on the way to Riverside. Bet the burgeoning area of Ottawa South would like a direct connection or are the planners afraid of overcrowding so have added a transfer? All part of the ridership survey ?

    1. They’ll never do a ridership survey because they know the responses would undermine all the usage figures they’ve based the whole system on. Heaven forbid you find out that very few people who aren’t already taking the bus are going to abandon their cars and hop on the train.

  4. I can understand one or two people on city council making bad decisions re LRT, but all of them. Wish a few would think, see the problems and expense, then scream into a microphone for all voters to hear.

  5. On rechecking LRT to the airport, seems that although it is considered an interesting idea, it is still in the ‘thought process’ by Watson and the Airport Authority. Watson did mention that the Airport Authority would be expected to contribute if it came to pass. So, again Watson has given himself a way out/not his fault.


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