Mr. Nice Guy, Jim Watson: Whopper Watch


“Watson has been a good, no-drama mayor who has kept the city afloat and is well-liked.”

Citizen columnist Mohammed Adam



You mean overspending on light rail by $3.2 billion? Maybe Mayor Jim Watson is well-liked now but your grandchildren probably won’t appreciate paying that extra $3.2 billion.

Or he and Barrhaven Councillor Jan Harder prior to a municipal election ordering up a $600,000 environmental assessment for LRT to Barrhaven which will expire in five years but there are no plans for light rail to the neighbourhood before 2031?

Or rushing through a report on high rises and zoning so that the public gets virtually no opportunity to address it?

Perhaps I’m jaded by him blacklisting The Bulldog three times. Hurray for media freedom.

Your agent could go on.


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2 thoughts on “Mr. Nice Guy, Jim Watson: Whopper Watch

  1. If Jim Watson is so well-liked it’s because he’s spent more time at bake sales, charity events, etc rather than doing his job. Face-time is a big part of getting re-elected, you know, the king taking time to step down to speak with the plebes. He has also spent an inordinate amount of time in Osgoode ward teaching George “the Schmooze” the same “tricks of the trade” while trying to garner votes in a ward in which he is not popular.


  2. What’s wrong with drama?

    And has Adam looked under the water to see by what mechanism Watson is keeping the city “afloat”? What’s his definition of “afloat” – does it include fiscal responsibility, accountability and/or transparency? Alas this Potemkin village is bound for an inevitable and mighty collapse.

    Mohammed Adam used to be a good reporter. What’s happened to him? Looks like he’s been drinking the Koolaid.


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