Municipality Can’t Deal With Danger

The City of Ottawa has no money for signals at 19 dangerous intersections.

And it has no money for overpasses on the dangerous Via Rail line north of Barrhaven where six people were killed in an OC Transpo bus-train collision five years ago.

And it appears the city has no money for the much-touted truck tunnel under downtown to get dangerous vehicles off the core roads. Mayor Jim Watson and friends scrapped an east-end iconic bridge to solve the truck problem. That cost as much as $1 billion of construction in the Ottawa economy and left downtown still dangerously exposed.



All this when 15 young men died in a bus-truck collision in Saskatchewan last week.

The word that keeps popping up in this post is dangerous … dangerous Via Rail line, dangerous intersections, dangerous trucks downtown. Oh yes, and no money.

Perhaps if Watson had got his public servants under control so that they didn’t pay $3.2 billion too much for the first two phases of light rail, then maybe there would be money for solutions to these dangerous things.

Traffic lights cost up to $3 million at an intersection, an overpass costs about $100 million, and the truck tunnel – who knows? We haven’t seen the study. Nor the study for the overpasses. Is there still a study, Your Worship?


That $3.2 billion would have paid for a lot things. All these things perhaps. But now there is no money.

But we will have a light-rail system that wins awards for public servants (is there an award for the most gold used in a LRT project?), but doesn’t achieve its goals.

Awards or lives. What’s more important?

Awards apparently.

It’s time for a serious staff, a serious council and a serious mayor.


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4 thoughts on “Municipality Can’t Deal With Danger

  1. Perhaps the Watson extravaganza in 2017 which was to celebrate Canada’s 150 could have been better spent on safety?


  2. It would be nice if some company began building rubber walls so that when I banged my head against the ones I use at home, it wouldn’t hurt quite so much.

    Speaking of awards, George Darouze in Osgoode ward has introduced his own personal awards. Yes, the George Darouze Award and I bet he isn’t paying for them out of his pocket. What some people won’t do to garner votes.


    1. “And the first winner of the George Darouze Award is you know him, you love him, you can’t live without him, the councillor from Osgoode …”


  3. Yes, I believe you are correct. The first winner of the George Darouze Award was . . . . . George Darouze! And you can bet his assistant captured the moment on her iPad so he could load it onto his Facebook page, captured and stored for eternity.


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