My Brilliant Music Strategy: Top 10 List


We here at The Bulldog are agog at the dynamic Ottawa music strategy pioneered by municipal impresario and sore-assed bike-rider Jeff Leiper.

Yes the Kitchissippi councillor will do great things with his hundred grand and one staffer taking Ottawa into song nirvana.

But what is Leiper’s response to the passing of this mega-ambitious strategy?

We probe this by way of a Top 10 list:


Top 10 Reactions From Jeff Leiper About His Genius Music Strategy.

10. “I was the fifth Beatle”;

9. “And the third Schmenge Brother”;


8. “It will be the second coming of Paul Anka”;


7. “I’m leaving councilling and joining that gravy train known as Barber Shop”;


6. “We’ll have twerking at light-rail stations”;


5. “But none of this”;


4. “Do you think I’m sexy?”


3. “Impromptu busking starts at 9:23 a.m. and 42.5 seconds”;

2. “Wanna yodel?”

1. “Put a cork in it Gray or I’ll sic my barber on you.”


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2 thoughts on “My Brilliant Music Strategy: Top 10 List

  1. Tell me that the picture of His Honour in the white hat is photo-shopped, please. If not, someone needs to get Jim Watson a mirror and show him how to use it.


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