New Noise Bylaw Puts City in Conflict Of Interest



Here we go again.

In 2013, Mayor Jim Watson walked on a motion at Ottawa City Council to create exemptions to the noise bylaw for construction at Lansdowne.

Of course, the City of Ottawa is a partner to that development.

Now the city wants to change the weekend noise bylaw for Lansdowne and the Canadian Tire Centre until 1 a.m.

Hard to understand why the noise bylaw needs to be altered for the CTC … it’s enclosed, in the middle of nowhere and surrounded by businesses many of which are closed.

Photo above: The city finds itself often in conflict of interest due to its participation in Lansdowne Park.

Maybe it’s just politics to mask the deal for Lansdowne noise.

The City of Ottawa repeatedly finds itself in conflict-of-interest at Lansdowne. The city stands to benefit money-wise if Lansdowne is allowed to stay open until 1 a.m. … at least sometime in the far-off future.

And of course long-suffering Glebe residents get to listen to the thump of rock concerts until the early morning.

The city should never get involved in such a project again.

Changing anything to Lansdowne brings up the question of motive with the city and it brings the municipality far too close to the development community … as though the builders aren’t already pretty tight with local politicians and administrators.



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6 thoughts on “New Noise Bylaw Puts City in Conflict Of Interest

  1. Let’s go back a step.
    Why does a concert need to go on past 11 pm? With a 7 or 8 pm start, that gives them 3 or 4 hours for a show. If they want to have a longer show, start earlier.
    You are probably bang on that the inclusion of CTC is a smoke screen to make the Lansdowne request more palatable. Has the CTC requested this?
    Will the same noise bylaw exemption apply to the new Sens arena when it appears on Lebreton Flats? It would be pretty hard not to include it without giving a huge advantage to Lansdowne and CTC.

  2. Trying to make the “waterfall” a reality when there is no water to fall? Extended hours of concert will not do that but it will bring the ire of the Glebeites down onto the head of city hall

    1. Bruce:

      You can sell all kinds of things at a concert in those extra hours.

      Would you like a Drake t-shirt, sir?




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