New Plan Might Hurt Public Transit: Reader


Bulldog reader Michael Kostiuk has some real reservations about the new light rail plan.

This from Facebook:




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7 thoughts on “New Plan Might Hurt Public Transit: Reader

  1. With 300 people in a car, how easily will I be able to negotiate from my seat to the door as an able-bodied person? Add a walker, stroller or wheelchair and what problems will be created?

    Even for someone not using a walker but who’s a bit wobbly at times, leaving the train will be interesting. At least on the bus, if you have difficulty getting to the door, you can holler at the driver to hold on a minute. That’s not an option on the train. Sometimes your fellow passengers will help out but that’s not always the case.
    Just how narrow are those aisles? OC Transpo has functional trains in their possession, I understand. Are they doing tests of how they will work with real people in them?

    1. The Voter,
      That is another interesting point. The car is 49 metres long with 7 doors on each side. It is to hold 300 passengers – 120 seated plus 180 STANDING.

      1. I’m wondering about the width of the aisle those 180 people are standing in. If they’re standing two-abreast, that gives 20 inches along the car. How much space do they have side to side.

  2. If all seats are occupied and 180 people are standing, good luck if you are trying to get off.
    The last 150 to leave will be the only ones with a hope of getting to an exit.

    Anne Marie

  3. What is the capacity of each station, and in particular the stations in the tunnel, as measured in train car lengths? During rush hour, they could add as many train cars as can fit in the station to the train, to deal with capacity, and drop them off the end of the train for the non-rush hour service.


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