New Route To Be Found For Cumberland Transitway

This is a release from the City of Ottawa:

Transportation Committee today approved a Statement of Work for a study to find an alternative route for the Blackburn Hamlet Bypass and the Cumberland Transitway. The existing approved corridor is in an area of unsuitable soil that would make construction unaffordable.

Transportation Committee also approved the functional design of the proposed Baseline Road Bus Rapid Transit Corridor, an important piece of the City’s Transportation Master Plan that will provide transit customers with a reliable and quick east-west commute that avoids downtown.

The Baseline Road Bus Rapid Transit Corridor will expand and connect Ottawa’s existing and planned Transitway and O-Train network. The corridor extends nearly 14 kilometres between Bayshore Station and Heron Station along Holly Acres Road, Richmond Road, Baseline Road and Heron Road.

Also at Transportation Committee today, the 2016 Cleaning the Capital Ward Awards were given to the Rideau Goulbourn community for both the spring and fall competitions among City Wards.



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4 thoughts on “New Route To Be Found For Cumberland Transitway

  1. “The existing approved corridor is in an area of unsuitable soil that would make construction unaffordable.”
    Had to read that a couple of times. Nobody knew this before they approved the route?? What did it cost to do the original approval and how much does this add to the cost of the Transitway out to Cumberland? How much will it delay the actual construction? Maybe they should put the Transitway concept on ice and just go directly to LRT construction. At this rate, the LRT would be there before the Transitway.


  2. I wonder the same about LRT 2. Last summer prep work meant soil and borehole work were done all along the line to determine geology requirements, etc. I have no idea if this is the norm or if it means possible problems (and additional expenses) for building this phase.


      1. Given the city’s problems with most projects, many listed on your website this week, I will believe it when I see it.


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