NCC Must Get It Right At Mud Lake: Stuff

Damn straight the National Capital Commission should fix the clear-cut paths at Mud Lake. Fixing might be the wrong word. Trees don’t grow in a day. Shocking that the NCC would allow damage to such a well-known nature spot. And it being so close to a major urban area, makes it all the more valuable. Young people can access it and learn to appreciate an ecosystem. They ain’t buildin’ no more nature, NCC. Take better care of it. That’s your job. Don’t screw up. You don’t get a second chance … No doubt Tyler Dawson is a bright young man for at the bottom of his column it says he is the deputy editorial pages editor of the Ottawa Citizen. Which is a very responsible position, or at least it was … once. It is a place where people lead. His column should be a very valuable location (for there are so few local places left) where important city issues should be discussed. You know, where the vibrant and growing readership of The Bulldog resides because its members can’t find much local news in the Citizen. So rather than discussing the pressing issues of the day, young Tyler takes on the critical question of cars honking their horns outside of his downtown apartment and waking his puppy. That column should have the disclaimer, “Do not read while operating heavy equipment.” It’s right up there with his epic the Rideau Canal sucks and I won’t put my mouth around that piece of dough called a Beavertail. How did this column stick to the page? I remember an old, bright, grizzled editor once saying that when a columnist starts discussing how their kid is so amazing or their puppy is so cute, it is time to put said columnist on the police beat or just put them down to relieve their misery. They’re dead. Young Tyler there are so few places left to discuss important local issues, try to do it well and often. The sound you’re hearing is that of the people who were still awake after reading your column cancelling the Citizen. If that’s all the paper’s got, it’s not worth buying … Here’s a surprise, while we’re opining on the Citizen. Mayor Jim Watson is back on the social page again. This time with his on-again, off-again ally Councillor Mathieu Fleury laughing and joking and putting their arms around each other. Yuk. No word yet if the newspaper will be handing out Vote Jim Watson Pom-Poms to its reporters covering the upcoming municipal election … A word or two about area MP Gord Brown. Your agent covered an election or two of Brown’s and sat in on some Citizen editorial board meetings with the aforementioned Conservative. And what everyone said about the late MP is true. He was a real gentleman. Gone too soon …



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One thought on “NCC Must Get It Right At Mud Lake: Stuff

  1. When someone accepts the lowest bid, they should expect low quality. Notwithstanding this caveat, governments regularly focus on the cost of a project, not on the most likely consequences of accepting the lowest bid.

    In the case of Mud Lake, it was much easier to cut everything than it was to cut selectively, and then have to drag the branches and logs out between the remaining trees and shrubs.


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