Watson’s Worried About Rick Chiarelli: Stuff


The election camp of Mayor Jim Watson appears worried. People associated with Watson keep asking College Councillor Rick Chiarelli if he will run for the top municipal post … Chiarelli can put together a formidable campaign team. The councillor has high-ranking friends in both the Liberal and Conservative parties who are willing to help … Also there appears to be enough money out there for Chiarelli to run a good campaign … Chiarelli also has the advantage of knowing inside-out all the problems Watson has caused or with which he must deal. This can’t be reassuring for the mayor … The French community is furious with Watson having let the Sally Ann homeless shelter be built in Vanier and for not endorsing official bilingualism for the city. Rick Chiarelli isn’t all that well-known in the far east end but family member and former mayor Bob Chiarelli has great name recognition and respect. The Chiarelli name means a lot … Chiarelli ‘s choice is to remain councillor in College ward but get nothing from Watson or run against Watson and win or lose. Looks like he has nothing to lose running for mayor but the councillor is very careful about these things … That said Chiarelli is convinced he can defeat Watson … In a battle with Watson, Chiarelli would hold the rural areas, much of the suburbs and big swathes of the west end. It would help if a leftist candidate would run so as to split Watson’s downtown vote. That’s the route to a Chiarelli victory … Because Bob Chiarelli is too modest to say it, I’ll say it. His first light-plan was light years more cost-effective than the massively over-priced Watson model. City staff spent so wildly that it looks as though Watson just told them to design it while he went out for Timbits. When he got back, city staff had created a $6-billion project when $2.8 billion would have done the job quite nicely, thank you. And then staff goofed up the route, the construction safety and deadlines. But by city staff standards, it’s pretty good. And the Timbits, devine …


Mayor Jim Watson could do a much better job of reviewing Timbits than Kelly above. Watson has the experience in Timbit technology that Kelly doesn’t.


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7 thoughts on “Watson’s Worried About Rick Chiarelli: Stuff

  1. “Yawn”. How much did Chiarelli pay you for this post? How much does Chiarelli pay you overall?


    1. My credentials are right here.

      If you don’t except money for advertising, how do you suggest this gets published? Magic?

      Anybody pay you for this? Kind of sounds like election season doesn’t it?

      Interesting that your IP address is in Montreal. There’s a certain person who keeps his Internet dirty tricksters in Montreal.

      Quite a call for Ottawa local news in Montreal eh wot?


  2. So…today’s post is more like the time during the last municipal election you pretended to be your own unbeatable mystery candidate – it’s an outright lie?


    1. Yet another ip address from Montreal.

      Don’t you think there’s a good chance you are a political operative?

      A dirty trickster from Montreal … now where have I heard that before?

      And just showing up as the campaign starts? What a coincidence.


    2. Oh sorry, I neglected to mention this in my response.

      Yes, last election I was asked to run for mayor by a prominent person in town. After three days thought, I said no because I’m a journalist first.

      The Phantom was someone else … so I’m sorry but the lie is yours.

      Just like: “On-time and On-budget.”

      Don’t bring a flyswatter to a gun fight.

      And oh yes on that subject, two shootings this weekend. How’s that anti-gun policy going?




  3. Hey Ken, they just luv ya in Montreal. Maybe you should do a few opinion pieces about Montreal politics; nah – that’s a subject that’s far too ….


  4. Learned today from Barry Padolsky as he led a Jane’s walk around the NAC that the decision to kill a station at Confederation Square and instead move it to Rideau Centre was because of cost considerations: Without a station below the canal, the tunnel would not have to that deep.

    Turns out that the winning bidder didn’t change the depth of the tunnel. Looks like incompetence on the part of the planners to me.

    And here I’d thought all along that Watson was to blame for preferring to cater to the merchants rather than the arts lovers.

    In any case the decision deprived the city of an iconic LRT stop that would have brought riders straight to Parliament Hill and the NAC.

    According to Padolsky, it’s still possible to provide weather-immune access to the NAC: From the Rideau Centre, to the Convention Centre, then through a tunnel or a bridge across the street to the NAC…


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