No Excuses, OC Transpo. You’re Wrong

Upon first reading chief transit mandarin John Manconi’s late Friday memo on a $42,708.46 fine levied by Transport Canada for five instances of running red lights on O-Train line, one wonders why the federal agency would do such a thing.

Why there have only been five instances of this occurring since 2005 and 1.3 million trips.

It rather sounds like a driver arguing with a police officer saying he halted thousands of times at stop signs but the police caught me this one time. So he shouldn’t get a ticket.

Well this is the fifth time this has happened and each time the city has enacted remedial measures but so far those moves haven’t worked. It only takes one mistake to kill OC Transpo passengers.

It’s surprisingly defensive and inadequate argument from an organization that had a bus crash into the side of a Via Rail train killing six people.

OC Transpo made five mistakes that Transport Canada ruled caused breaches in safety. It’s embarrassing listening to OC Transpo make excuses.

Pay the fine and get it right. And lose the attitude.



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