No Mentions Of Watson In Ottawa 2017 Release


Miracles do happen.

“The Ottawa 2017 Bureau, in collaboration with lead partner CIBC, is pleased to provide details for events in June to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday in the nation’s capital.”

Press releases emanating from Ottawa 2017 almost invariably have Mayor Jim Watson featured prominently in the first sentence. But this recent one does not. The Bulldog has dubbed Ottawa 2017, Watson 2018 for all the publicity the fete is providing the mayor before the municipal election next year.

Heads will roll if the mayor sees this.

Or will they?

We’ve seen the failure that is the City of Ottawa campsites that were to house visitors for the big capital whoop-it-up. Also there was the odd release about Red Bull Crashed Ice disputing published figures of attendance at the Ottawa 2017 event but not providing accurate figures.

Now a press release without the mayor’s name on it.

Something odd is going on.


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7 thoughts on “No Mentions Of Watson In Ottawa 2017 Release

  1. I will take another approach. Let’s pat him on the back.

    Maybe, just maybe – Mr. Watson has taken in some advice from the pages of The Bulldog.

    He has realized that his speech writers and communications department were using the “I” word too much. He directed them to – cut it back as we are a team; many others do far more work on specific files than I do. Let’s start to recognize them first.

    Only the future will tell if a lesson was learned. Let’s wait and see.

    “It is not titles that honour men, but men that honour titles,” Machiavelli.


  2. Perhaps the people with the chequebooks, the CIBC being the lead sponsor, started reading the press releases and asked themselves, and then the executive of Ottawa 2017 why the free-loader was getting equal standing.

    1. The “executive” of Ottawa 2017 may as well be the Mayor.

      He’s co-chair of the board for Ottawa 2017, with the other co-chair being Steve Ball (don’t recall seeing his name on press releases).

      The executive director of Ottawa 2017 is Guy Laflamme, and the Mayor approached him in 2014 for the job. Would be poor form to bite the hand that feeds. Guy has also said this job is his victory lap before retirement.

    1. The headline is a bit deceptive because the Duck ain’t comin’ to Ottawa, It is headed to the Big Smoke. There are other stops but I can’t see where Ottawa gets a mention.

      Robots – yes ; sodded bridge – yes ; official bread – yes – – but, alas, no Rubber Duckie.

      Maybe it will make a visit in 50 years at the bicentennial. :)



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