Noooo! The City Fall Construction Schedule



OK, what is worse? The Terror of the French Revolution or waiting for construction to be completed in Ottawa this fall? You decide.

Here we go. Your guide to outrageous noise, mental torture, frustration, extreme blood pressure, anxiety, promises never to go there again, dirt, dust …

What are we talking about here? Three years in a North Korean prisoner-of-war camp? The trial process of The Terror in the French Revolution?


The City of Ottawa fall construction schedule.

Already you have my deepest sympathy for all the traffic. For the tale of the tape, click below:


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One thought on “Noooo! The City Fall Construction Schedule

  1. If we counted the external costs, the social costs, lost time and lost productivity from waiting in traffic the costs would be many, many more times than the bean counters at city hall think. Add to this the pollution from idling cars (anyone thinking of climate change?)


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