Northern Nomad Ready To Roll


This is a release from Carleton University:

Scott Bucking from the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering and the Azrieli School of Architecture and Urbanism will be leading a project called Northern Nomad. The Northern Nomad is a net-zero tiny house that is built for the Ottawa climate and achieves net-zero energy over the course of a calendar year. As a tiny house built on a trailer, the Northern Nomad is not constrained to a single site, has mobile capabilities, and can be fully autonomous.

Construction should start the week of July 24, and it’s scheduled for completion before Labour Day. When finished, the house could be sold and the money used to find fund similar builds, or be donated to a charity.

The design, construction and sustainable systems work is being led by a diverse group of very talented students, under the direction of Bucking.

The final design of the Northern Nomad includes the following systems: architectural design, structural design, building enclosure, passive design, water system, renewable energy system, heating system, and ventilation system.  I can provide technical details on each system.

The goal of the Northern Nomad tiny house project is to achieve net-zero energy and net-zero water within the building footprint, while having a minimal impact on the environment. As such, the Northern Nomad has been designed to showcase renewable energy technologies, passive design strategies, and a water collection system.


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